Karen attacks back and gets tased at high school football game

While entering our 8th month in this pandemic, there are still people not following the rule to wear a mask.

At a high school football game, an anti-masker mom sat watching her child play on the field, when she was confronted by a security guard for not wearing a mask. As we can see in the video, things go horribly wrong when the security guard decides to arrest the mom. Just as with the mask, she refuses to comply and resists arrest. In the video, she screams and twists and fights away from the security guard. She yells, “I ain’t doing nothing wrong.” It finally got to the point, he tased the Karen help her comply. Even with taser, she continues to resist the arrest until she is removed from the stands.

A dad of a player sat behind the camera, filming the whole event take place. He made comments in the background that she should’ve gotten a warning warning or a fine, but that an arrest felt intense.

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As other parents watched and recorded her dramatic exit, she continued to make a large scene in front of the other parents exclaiming statements like, “We’ve done this how many times together? Right, guys?” This comes after the man filming asks where he mask is. 

Take a look at the Reddit video here:

Anti-mask woman resists arrest then is tazed at high school football game. from PublicFreakout

Comments And Concerns

People watching the viral video had many comments surrounding the arrest.  Some were telling her to just put on a mask, some were concerned about how much force the officer was using, and some were saying that being arrested just for a mask was wrong.

People went to Twitter to share their opinions about this anti-mask situation.

And it’s true. The woman literally has a mask in her back pocket. So what was her reason for not wearing a mask? 

Others on Twitter sided with some of the other parents who thought that the officer was too forceful on the woman.

Mask Reminder

This is a good time to remind you why masks are so vital right now.

Wearing a mask protects you and others.  The virus is spread from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks.

Also a recent study says that “if 80% of Americans wore masks, COVID-19 Infections would plummet.” Be apart of the 80% that helps drive this virus into the ground.

Wearing a mask could be what’s standing in between us and the pandemic ending. So why wouldn’t you wear one?

 Also, the CDC says the coronavirus pandemic could be under control in four to eight weeks if everyone wore a mask starting now.”

After being in quarantine since March, having this pandemic over is all we want. So wear your mask over your nose AND mouth to be effective.

The Tables Have Turned

Now back to the football Karen. Her resisting arrest was not the only thing that had people on the internet concerned. Many viewers noticed that other parents were questioning the authenticity of the Black officer. Some even demanded that the cops be called even though the man’s uniform was labeled as ‘officer.’ Twitter couldn’t help but wonder if, had he been a White officer, would his uniform be enough? Like always, Twitter was quick with their responses and refused to let this go unnoticed.

This started a conversation on White privilege and police brutality.

This video turned out to be a bigger conversation than originally intended. One about white privilege. The comment sections on Reddit and Twitter were flooded with people both defending and condemning the mom, but something could not be shaken. And that was the hypocrisy of resisting arrest while White and questioning the Police when the officer is Black.