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Debby Ryan Radio Rebel Meme

Debby Ryan Recreates the ‘Radio Rebel’ Meme On TikTok

Debby Ryan’s iconic shy smile is back. This time, the American actress recreated her own meme on TikTok. This shy smile was first captured in Debby’s 2012 film Radio Rebel. In the film, Debby played the role of Tara Adams, a timid schoolgirl who secretly acted as the school’s mystery DJ. In one scene, Debby sweeps her hair to the side and smiles nervously. At the time, little did she know that this awkward smirk would become one of the most popular memes on the internet. Eight years after the film was first premiered, TikTok users are now taking this

Woman Hospitalized after Face Mask Confrontation

Woman Hospitalized after Face Mask Confrontation

Recently, we’ve covered a lot of  “Karen” stories. As many corporations and states started to require face coverings in the public, we’ve seen a difference in people’s beliefs. While many people express their different beliefs verbally, this woman at a New Jersey Staples got physical.    Margot Kagan, a 54-year-old woman who recently received a liver surgery and walked with a cane, went to a Staples in Hackensack, New Jersey. She went into the store with a pink hat, a mask, and a plastic face shield. The following encounter between Kagan and another woman at the store was captured by

TikToker Brags about Spanking her Kids

A video of a  TikToker being proud of spanking her kids is going viral. The video quickly gained attention and many people questioned the TikToker’s parenting method. The TikToker in question, Jocelyn Yates, has 272,900 followers on the social media app and she listed wife, mama, and believer as her introduction.    The first video in question was posted on July 24. The video first proposed the question “who spanks their kids?” Then, Jocelyn mouthed to Tiagz’s original soundtrack Muffins In The Freezer, saying “I did. What’d you gonna do about it? Nothing!” This TikTok received 262,400 likes and 25,800

Teenagers Attacked Memphis Putt Putt Golf Center

Hundreds of Teenagers Attacked a Mini-Golf Center during the Pandemic

A video of hundreds of teenagers attacking a mini-golf center is going viral. This past weekend, the mini-golf place in question, Putt-Putt Fun Center, decided to close down due to the overcrowding and COVID-19 regulations. However, after learning that there would be no ticket refunds, this group of teenagers decided to attack the mini-golf center.   This video later circulated on Twitter and Tik Tok. In it, a group of teenagers attacked the registration with whatever they had around them. A girl even broke the plastic divider used for COVID-19 and threw it towards a cashier in the back. Other

UNCW Professor Found Dead

UNCW Professor Found Dead at Home after Posting Controversial Tweets

A former professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington was found dead at his house after posting racist, sexist, and anti-mask tweets. The professor, Mike Adams, was 55 years old and was a UNCW faculty member for 27 years. He was found dead at home when a friend tried to do a wellness check on him. Prior to his death, he posted words that were interpreted as hate speech by some of his students. Because of the pressure coming from social media, the professor originally planned to retire early on August 1st.    The New Hanover County Sheriff’s

Larray Larri Merritt Pandemic

TikToker Larray Threw a Massive Birthday Party Despite the Pandemic

Yesterday was Hype House TikToker Larray’s 22nd birthday. Despite the global pandemic, he decided to throw a massive 70-guest birthday party the night before. The influencer invited many of his celebrity friends to his birthday dinner at BOA Steakhouse in West Hollywood. Paparazzi spotted his fellow influencers Tana Mongeau, James Charles, Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun, Emma Chamberlain, and more attending the party. While some influencers wore masks when they arrived at the party, others had no face coverings. In the next couple of hours, the influencers ate, drank, and partied in a small, closed environment.    One Twitter

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban SKIP Mandatory Quarantine

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban got slammed by the internet for skipping a mandatory quarantine in state-approved hotels in Sydney. On Monday, the couple and their daughters, Faith and Sunday, flew from Tennessee to Sydney in their private jet. According to the Australian government, “all travelers arriving in Australia by air or sea must be isolated in mandatory quarantine accommodation for 14 days from their arrivals, with few exceptions.” Kidman and Urban, however, decided they were the exception to the rule.    Normally, travelers must stay in state-approved hotels for the whole duration of their quarantine. The Australia Government website

Jeffree Star Doing Whats Right

Jeffree Star Addresses His Racist Comments and James Charles’ Drama

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson past racist and sexist comments resurfaced after being caught fake supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Then, fellow beauty YouTuber, Tati Westbrook, decided to reveal Jeffree and Shane’s involvement in James Charles’ drama last year. Tati’s video was posted on June 30. However, Jeffree had not yet responded to anything until July 18th, in his video “Doing What’s Right.”

Kanye West Drops Out

Staff Member Shocks The Nation With Kanye West’s Presidential Campaign Update

On July 4th, American rapper and the founder of Yeezy, Kanye West, announced on Twitter that he will run for the 2020 presidential election. The astonishing Tweet received 526,400 Retweets and comments and 1.2 million likes. However, this enthusiasm didn’t last long. In just two weeks, Kanye’s presidential campaign took a big turn. According to Steve Kramer, Kanye’s presidential campaign assistant, Kanye is “out.” He also added, “any candidate running for president for the first time goes through these hiccups.” However, Kanye himself had not yet disclosed anything regarding this matter.    Kanye originally intended to run as an independent. When

Tory Lanez Arrested

Tory Lanez ARRESTED while partying with Kylie Jenner and Megan Thee Stallion

On Sunday, rapper Tory Lanez was arrested and taken to jail after a house party turned into a violent scene. Megan Thee Stallion reported receiving a glass wound injury on her foot from by her fellow rapper. According to the police, Lanez was released on a $35,000 bond six hours later. 

Pewdiepie mocks on YouTubers apology

PewDiePie mocks YouTubers apology and Calls Out Tati Westbrook

On July 11th, Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie mocked other YouTubers’ apology videos in a broadcast titled “Apology Livestream.” He tried to show his audience how easy it is to fake an apology and implied that some apology videos are just for show. This mockery might be referring to Tati Westbrook’s recent video “Breaking my Silence” in response to James Charles’ drama last year. Previously, PewDiePie had publicly said that watching Tati’s apology makes him “so angry” and that he “hate[s] her so much.”   The Swedish YouTuber first started with the classic “I want to be honest with you guys” with

Javicia Leslie Batwoman

Javicia Leslie Cast as first Black LGBTQ superhero in ‘Batwoman’

On Wednesday, July 8th, the CW Network announced that Javicia Leslie will be the new show lead in the season 2 of “Batwoman”. Leslie will become the first Black actress to play this superhero role in a live-action television show or film production. 

Harvard Grad Claira Janover got Fired From Deloitte Tiktok

Harvard Grad Janover FIRED For BLM TikTok

21 year old Claira Janover is a recent Harvard University graduate, who was fired from her upcoming job at Deloitte, due to a TikTok she released about threatening to stab people who believe in “All Lives Matter”

Jenny Slate shocks her Fans by quitting “Big Mouth”

On Wednesday, June 24th, American actress Jenny Slate announced that she will no longer play the role of Missy in the cartoon series Big Mouth. Big Mouth is a Netflix original sitcom which premiered in 2017. Since then, the show has successfully gone through 3 seasons. Big Mouth primarily illustrates the story of protagonists Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, and Jessi Klein as they go through puberty. “Missy” in the show is a biracial character, with an African American father and a white Jewish mother. Jenny Slate had always play this role, but now, the show is looking for a new