The Best Jabs From King Joffrey’s “Game of Thrones” Twitter Roast

  • With the new season of “Games of Thrones” coming around the corner, people couldn’t wait to jump on the roast of the Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

    King Joffrey, portrayed by Jack Gleeson, is the latest victim of being roasted, but rather than getting a collection of comedians and close friends to mock, the Internet was encouraged to throw the punches. GOT fans from all over submitted their best jabs of the King on Twitter. And here, HBO showcases some of the best ones, along with the most demeaning moments for a King we love to hate – including my favorite from Tyrion Lannister, who lays down a few smacks of his own on Joffery.

    Did you have a good roast for all of Westeros to hear?  Just go on Twitter and give your best shot with #roastjoffery. Then, prepare for winter to come in the 4th season of “Game of Thrones,” premiering in April 6th on HBO.