“Batgirl” Will No Longer Be Premiering or Releasing on HBO Max

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“Batgirl” from DC Comics was supposed to debut on HBO Max but will no longer be released on the platform or within the theatres. The featured film, starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon and Batgirl, was created to be a featured film specifically for HBO, but the company has since pivoted due to the new corporate regime. Now, the film is left without a place to go, and many people are feeling combative online.

Many were feeling upset for Grace, with many people believing Grace to be a promising young actress with talent and were looking forward to seeing her performance. Many also felt sorry, as having your hard work completely scrapped would definitely be disappointing. Although insiders with the studio insisted it had nothing to do with the quality of the film or the performance of any of the actors, many could not help but feel as if it would still sting the actress, as the studio said they wanted a blockbuster.

Warner Bros. is still deciding what to do with The Flash after the main actor Ezra Miller has been arrested multiple times lately due to misconduct and allegations of abuse against them. Some were wondering why the decision for Batgirl came out so much sooner than the announcement to scrap a film that has already been completed. “The fact that DC are willing to cancel Batgirl, a movie that’s had ZERO production issues, just to supposedly save a bit of money, but haven’t canceled The Flash despite that movie’s production being an utter nightmare and its main star being toxic… it’s genuinely bizarre,” one person wrote online.


So, with all things considered, many were upset for the cast and crew involved, with many people not understanding why they couldn’t release it to HBO for streaming purposes.


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