Being Old Is a Selling Point When It Comes to Online Casinos

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Online casinos have been around since the 90s, but they took off a decade ago. The modern online gambling industry has shown remarkable promise and exponential growth with technological evolution and easy access to internet facilities. 

Today, new casinos are being launched regularly on the digital landscape. However, we’ve noticed a generational rift between online casinos. Public opinion is divided between well-established and new online casinos. The matter is not subjective, and we’ll tell you why.

Well-Established Online Casinos: An Early 90s Story

Back in 1998, Slotland Entertainment launched an online gambling platform called Slotland Casino. This was during the heyday of traditional land-based casinos when most people were unaware of the potential of internet-based platforms; yet, Slotland Casino managed to generate a healthy clientele. The casino kept growing in popularity and consistently adopted newer technologies throughout its journey. Today, it’s one of the oldest running online casinos in the industry and a key player in the online gambling revolution. 

When Slotland rebranded, adding the famous line “Paying Winners Since ’98,” it became an established tradition to celebrate old, well-established online casinos. The fact that old online casinos, like Slotland Casino since 1998, are still a gambling mainstay when newer platforms rebrand or close down within a few years shows the older casinos are doing something right! These well-established platforms have pulled online casinos from ranks of irrelevance and delivered them to the big leagues. 

Furthermore, many seasoned gamblers prefer them for this exact reason; old casinos did not have the luxury of making mistakes, swindling clients, and disappointing players, whereas new online casinos do all these things regularly.

Consequently, we’ve curated a list of advantages of well-established casinos and why we think they perform better than new casinos!

Advantages of Well-Established Casinos

One of the most unique things about old online casinos is their list of gaming providers, including names you may never have heard of, like Ash Gaming and Toptrend Gaming. These afford the casinos an aura of mystique, which can excite any aid gambler. 


More than that, here are the advantages of playing on well-established platforms!

Excellent Reviews

One of the advantages of well-established casinos is that they’ve accumulated a plethora of player reviews over the years. New online casinos do not have that benefit. When choosing a platform, it is common to read casino reviews to make educated decisions. 

You won’t find any shortage of reviews online for old casinos. However, players cannot write frequent reviews for newer platforms when they’ve never even withdrawn all their funds from the establishment before.

Faster Payouts

Unlike new online casinos with limited budgets, well-established platforms are straightforward with their payments, wagering requirements, and withdrawal limits. They facilitate high rollers by providing faster payouts and can pay out larger amounts than new online casinos. Therefore, it’s risky to become a member of a new, untested platform where your winnings might get trapped.

Increased Transparency

Older establishments show increased transparency because of their long history and loyal player following. As a result, they can easily provide players information about the casino’s RTP rates, profits, monitoring results, and audits, while new online casinos simply cannot. Transparency is a key factor when you’re deciding on a gambling platform to ensure its trustworthiness. Therefore, well-established casinos are the smarter choice!

Better Reputation

In addition to increased transparency, well-established casinos are public entities and boast reputable licenses issued by responsible regulatory bodies. Since they have a reputation to uphold, they cannot cut corners, make mistakes, or leave things to chance. These things make them trustworthy and more reputable than new online casinos that have yet to make a name for themselves. As such, new online casinos are simply less reliable, less transparent, and not worth trying out unless an expert authority has tested them. 


Consequently, older casinos like Slotland and others are your best bet for an immersive, fun, and secure gambling experience. If you’re a rookie gambler, we suggest trying out well-established platforms as they’re more reliable and reputable. 

Being old players in the industry is an excellent selling point for these platforms since they’ve made a reputation for themselves. Any gambler knows that reputation and reliability matter more than bonuses and lucrative offers with hidden terms & conditions. Happy Gambling!

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