“Biden’s Inflation” Trends on Twitter in Response to Inflation Increasing Rapidly

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According to AP News, inflation has increased 7% in the past year, increasing things like household items and worrying many as they fear this is a bad sign when it comes to what we can expect economy-wise. As AP reports, prices began to rise due to recovery to the economy after many were at home with stay-at-home orders, causing what some refer to as the pandemic recession. Now, although inflation is not a problem for the US alone, many are directing their questions and concerns to Biden, causing “Biden’s Inflation” to trend on Twitter.

Interestingly, AP News reports that “The United States hasn’t seen anything like it since the early 1980s.” Although it was initially suggested that inflated prices, like with expensive gas and groceries, were temporary, many are still seeing these effects and it is evident that inflation is becoming a bigger problem than what was first suggested. Others worry about a wage-price spiral, where workers seek higher pay and employers then raise their prices to continue their profits. Some senators or representatives mentioned this in the discussion of inflation, saying multi-million companies could raise wages without raising prices, but choose not to.

Also announced was Biden’s approval rate- which is now down to 33%. Many believe this is a reflection of increasing prices, as this is an issue that affects everybody, even if they are not usually involved in politics. And, with Biden’s speech about voting rights when he spoke in Georgia today, some are calling Biden out for his priorities.


Overall, no matter what your political bias may lie to, inflation is concerning many, as some worry about not being able to afford the high gas prices or grocery store prices. And, many also worry that the prices will only continue to increase, with some believing evictions should not be allowed again or another stimulus check should be put into place.

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