“Bones Day” Videos Have Taken over TikTok- but What Does it Mean?

Today is a bones day, just in case you were wondering.
By Savannah Moss
@Jongraz | TikTok

Recently on TikTok, horoscopes have been replaced with a senior pug named Noodle, who predicts the type of day to expect by whether or not he will stand by himself for a few seconds or immediately flop down back to his comfortable bed. Owner of Noodle, TikTok user @jongraz Johnathon Graziano began posting videos of him holding his adorable pug and then setting him back down so he could accidentally “decide” what day it would be if the dog falls down, it is a no bones day, and if he remains standing, it is a bones day. It is somewhat like if a groundhog sees his shadow deciding how much longer the winter will be.


I think we all saw this one coming 🦴🔮 #nobones #bones #pug #noodletok

♬ original sound – Jonathan

Graziano and Noodles have since gone viral, with over 16.8 million likes altogether from his videos. Many people love to see Noodle in the mornings to know what kind of day we might expect, will Noodles have bones or not? Since these videos, many on TikTok have made jokes about what to do on a “no bones” day. For example, if you were planning to cut your hair, some on TikTok might advise checking Noodle’s forecast before deciding. Many joke that they have begun to check this in the morning like they check the weather, as they both dictate the kind of day you might expect to have.

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Good day today 🙂 #bonesday #nobones #MakeItCinematic #happy #fypシ #NissanShowUp

♬ Eleanor Rigby – Cody Fry

Though “no bones” days have seemed to mean a bad thing, Graziano has tried to have people understand that it does not mean it is a bad day, but instead a day to take things a little easier or to search for things that might make someone happy. In addition, a bones day does not mean you have to be incredibly productive, but it does ease some worries as they are able to make a day positive by cheering on “It’s a bones day!”


A mistake we cannot collectively afford to make #bonesday #nobonesday #nobones #bonesforecast #bonesoriginal

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

These wholesome videos have added joy to many people’s mornings, as they give people something to look forward to or something to celebrate even if a day might seem gloomy. Though sounding silly, it can also give someone permission to let themselves rest or have a day off, as they might shrug to themself and say “Well, it is a no bones day!”