Director Carly Usdin Discusses “Suicide Kale” and Being Nonbinary

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Image: @Carlytron | Instagram

This week on Revry TV. director Carly Usdin describes the process of making their recent feature “Suicide Kale” and the experience of making a movie about queer women as nonbinary person. The film is a dark comedy that shows two very different couples sharing a meal together that ends up going south after discovering an anonymous suicide note during lunch. The feature shows the audience two couples who are in very different stages of life, as one couple has only been dating for a few months and the other has been married for a few years.

Although Usdin is nonbinary, they note that their goal within storytelling and being a director is to tell stories that other people have yet to see before and stories that they had not seen told either. They noted that they want movies to reflect the community that they live in as well and that when they began filmmaking they wanted to create women-centric films. They noted that after coming out as nonbinary, they still want to include telling stories that include women, but also about trans people or nonbinary people.

As always, if you would like to watch the interview in full or watch Usdin’s film and many other films centering queer people, you can visit Revry here.

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