Cher Files For Conservatorship Of Elijah Blue Allman, Sparking Conversation

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Pop icon Cher has filed for a conservatorship of her son Elijah Blue Allman who she shares with ex-husband Gregg Allman of the Allman Brothers. People was first to report the filing. This comes months after Allman’s soon-to-be ex wife Marie Angela King revealed that Cher allegedly had him kidnapped from their hotel room and taken to a rehabilitation facility without warning her first.

Cher has previously stated that her ex husband, Allman’s father, also struggled with addiction throughout his life. The conservatorship filing comes amid claims that Allman allegedly is unable to manage his finances at the current stage of his recovery. The court documents were filed ahead of the release of a portion of Allman’s trust fund. They elaborate that a conservator is “urgently needed … to protect Elijah’s property from loss or injury” because he is “currently unable to manage his assets due to severe mental health and substance abuse issues.”

Additionally, Cher has claimed that King also struggles with mental health and substance abuse issues, hence the apparent need for a conservator. The singer confirmed that she has “worked tirelessly to get Elijah into treatment and get him the help he needs.” The conservatorship was not discussed with Allman prior to its filing.  A hearing for a temporary order is currently set for Jan. 5, 2024, with a permanent order hearing set for March 6, 2024.

The Controversy With Conservatorships

While the conservatorship is allegedly intended to protect Allman from financial ruin and drug relapse, this type of legal protection order has gained a bad rap in recent years due to Britney Spears‘ own conservatorship. Spears was placed in a conservatorship following her diagnosis with bipolar disorder in 2007, with the the order in place until 2021. Throughout this time, Spears was forced to perform, maintain an IUD device to prevent pregnancy, prohibited from spending time with her children, and prescribed lithium that she claimed worsened her mental health condition.

The “Free Britney” movement turned the public eye to the dangers of abuse within conservatorships. Now, Cher’s potential conservatorship over Allman continues to start conversation surrounding the potential ethical ramifications. Many are defending Cher’s actions as a mother, as unlike the case with Spears’ family, she has her own wealth and career, and appears to only intend to freeze her son’s financial assets while he continues the road to recovery.


Elsewhere, others claim that Cher is only filing for control of Allman’s finances and not his medical care. However, Allman is allegedly already in a rehabilitation center, so this control may not be required.

Allman’s Previous Struggles With Addiction

In December 2022, court documents confirm that the alleged kidnapping was intended to prevent Allman from reconciling with King on their anniversary, as she allegedly battles the same struggles as him. In November 2022, the pair allegedly reconnected for 12 days when the four men reportedly entered their New York City hotel room and abducted Allman on November 30.

The documents detail King’s fear amid the shocking situation. King wrote “I am currently unaware of my husband’s wellbeing or whereabouts. I am very concerned and worried about him. Since August 2022, I have been told that I am not allowed to see or speak to [Allman] who is currently in lockdown at a treatment facility that is undisclosed to me. I am also told [Allman] has no access to his phone.”

The treatment center King describes was intended for Allman’s alleged struggles with drug addiction. King claims she was not made aware of Cher’s intervention. While she allegedly appreciated their assistance, she only wished to be included in this decision. In a statement first given to the Daily Mail, King stated “I understand his family’s efforts to make sure he is well, and I want what is best for my husband.”


The New York Post alleges that Allman was recently staying at the famous Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles for several months ahead of his most recent stint in a rehabilitation center.

Cher is yet to comment directly on the new court filings.

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