Creator Shows Boyfriend and Her Best Friend Looking a Little Too Friendly and TikTok is Divided

Many mixed reactions for this viral video.
By Savannah Moss
Image: @sophly2 | TikTok

In this now-viral TikTok, creator Sophie, who is known on the app as @sophly2, posted a video of her boyfriend dancing together with her best friend, and asked the app if they were a “little too close for comfort.” The video, which now has over 200 thousand likes, quickly created debate and division as the app tried to answer Sophie’s question. In the video, to almost make matters worse, it is noted that the video was sent to Sophie and she was not actually there to witness it. The two are laughing and dancing together, and even whispering at one point, with people screaming and encouraging them.


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With no context behind the video, it might look harmless, as the two are not dancing inappropriately or doing anything that can be looked at as a betrayal or cheating. One commenter believed the TikToker was being “paranoid” as the video is not incriminating and does not have anything sketchy occurring. Other people, however, disagreed and thought that the problem was within who decided to film and send the video to Sophie.

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Image: @Sophly2 | TikTok

However, some tried to brainstorm and assist the creator, using actual reasoning as to why the video might be harmless. Many mentioned that the two did not even touch and that when they saw they were being recorded, they did not look panicked or upset. Others noted that since they were in such a public space, most likely with people who knew he was not single, it would not be likely that he would decide to cheat with so many witnesses. Others, however, encouraged Sophie to go with her gut, as most people believe gut feelings are almost always right. One person wrote that it is almost “always” the best friend, and even though he might have just been after a good time, she might have worse intentions. Overall, the viral TikTok did not seem to come up with an answer or conclusion. Most people tried to advise that Sophie talk it out with her boyfriend or best friend and if she was uncomfortable with anything, to set boundaries and communicate. However, some did not see a problem with the video and saw it as two friends hanging out, which is not something that should be discouraged and might come across as controlling.


Take a deep breath

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As an update, the TikToker posted a video that the two friends were making pizza and all was well between her relationship and friendship, advising her TikTok followers to “take a breath.” Many commenters were not a fan of this, pointing out that many comments advised her to not take the video too seriously and it looked like two friends hanging out.