Ted Cruz’s Sleeping Habits Cause Twitter Outrage

A video of Ted Cruz falling asleep during Biden's address creates a large-scale backlash as people across the internet bring up some of Cruz's past controversies while talking about this current one.
By Caleb Hurley

Ted Cruz was trending on Twitter due to a video that showed him falling asleep while at a Biden’s joint address. People across Twitter complained about Cruz’s actions, particularly due to Cruz being one of many strong Republican voices condemning Biden with term “Sleepy Joe.”

This latest controversy was compounded with an earlier issue people had with Cruz. The Senator had left for Cancun while people in his home state of Texas dealt with a winter that caused large power outages, putting many lives at risk. Cruz was caught in photo before getting on a plane. This caused Cruz to trend when the picture was posted online. The Cancun photos came back to haunt him as this new controversy gave a boost to the old one.

Cruz’s response to most of the conversation about his sleepiness was to use it as ammo to further malign Biden’s joint address. The Senator has retweeted multiple news outlets using his description of Biden’s speech, “Boring but radical.”

On the other hand, Cruz also validated much of Senator Tim Scott’s speech, where he continually disparages the idea of systematic racism in America claiming that America is not a racist country. Scott also trended for this speech due to people fundamentally disagreeing with him.

Cruz continues to hammer this idea of Biden’s boringness, indirectly making it an excuse for falling asleep during the speech. The stigma caused by Cruz’s sleepiness and his response to Biden’s address followed into other topics today. One of them being Cruz’s vote against clean drinking water. Cruz was one of the only two votes against a bill that would set a new standard towards the quality of water in different areas.

Much of the frustration people had toward Cruz found itself within these new issues as well with many wonderings how he could fall asleep then make a decision like that.