Delta Plane Diverts Route After Passengers Served ‘Spoiled’ Food Mid-Flight

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A Delta Airlines flight traveling from Detroit to Amsterdam was diverted to John F. Kennedy Airport early Wednesday morning after passengers reportedly consumed spoiled meals onboard.

The Airbus A330 aircraft, carrying 277 passengers, made the unscheduled landing at 4 a.m. ET following concerns raised by medical experts onboard about the safety of the meal service. Delta Flight 136 encountered the issue mid-flight, prompting crew members to follow protocol and divert to JFK Airport in New York.

Upon landing, medical teams met the plane to assess and treat any affected passengers and crew members, according to Delta Airlines. The airline swiftly responded, stating, “Delta’s Food Safety team has engaged our suppliers to immediately isolate the product and launch a thorough investigation into the incident.”

The airline expressed regret over the disruption caused to passengers’ travel plans, acknowledging that such incidents do not reflect Delta’s service standards. Delta assured affected passengers that it is cooperating with health and safety regulations to manage the situation professionally.

This incident follows other recent airline diversions due to health concerns onboard flights. In May, a United Airlines flight from Vancouver to Houston was diverted after multiple passengers fell ill with nausea. The aircraft underwent a thorough cleaning before being returned to service.

As airlines continue to navigate challenges related to passenger safety and service standards, incidents like these underscore the importance of rigorous food safety protocols and prompt response to in-flight emergencies.

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