Doja Cat Did Not Approve of Noah Schnapp Releasing Their Direct Messages

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In an odd turn of events, it seems Doja Cat is beefing with Stranger Thing’s Noah Schnapp. In a now-deleted video from the actor, he exposed the singer for asking for the contact information of co-star Joseph Quin. Although it seemed he did so harmlessly and with no ill intent, rapper Doja Cat did not seem to be too pleased with this and talked about it in a TikTok live.

Although she acknowledges Noah Schnapp is a “kid”, as he is only 17, she says that him releasing the DMS, where she asks if he has a girlfriend and previously called him “fine” on Twitter, was “borderline snake” or “weasel” behavior. “I made an assumption that he was going to be chill about it and he went and shared information that I didn’t feel comfortable with him sharing.”

Although she seems calm in the video, many thought this behavior was inappropriate on Cat’s side, as she is older than Schnapp and accuses him of being manipulative or destroying the trust between him. Since the conversation between them was so casual, some wondered if Schnapp only released it because she already publically disclosed how she thought he was attractive. “genuinely confused why Doja Cat is responding with this energy. she had already made her interest in Joesph Quinn public, it’s not like Noah relieved anything she hadn’t essentially already publicized herself,” one person commented online.

Overall, the drama felt a little bit weird, with the age difference and since their career paths have been so different. Many joked that they never would have guessed that Cat and Schnapp would seem to have beef online, although not clear if Schnapp has any contempt for Cat, as he has not yet commented. The two of them have continued to trend online, with people discussing how weird the two having a disagreement played out on the internet is. Some also thought the entire thing could have been handled privately, instead of Cat talking about it online.


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