Elon Musk Slams Megan Fox After Photo Of Children Wearing Gender Neutral Clothing Surfaces

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Actress Megan Fox was criticized by tech billionaire turned former Twitter CEO Elon Musk for her children’s previous clothing choices. Conservative media personality Robby Starbuck accused Fox of child abuse and “forcing” her kids to wear “girl clothes.” Fox fired back on Instagram, accusing Starbuck of exploiting her children for his own political gain among the alt-right.

After the heated exchange, Musk entered the conversation. The Twitter CFO chimed in via a now viral Tweet, saying that he was “looking to hire a VP of witchcraft and propaganda.”

Another conservative influencer chimed in and suggested Megan Fox for the fictional job, given the phrasing of her Starbuck clap back. Musk then responded that “nobody is perfect” when the Twitter user stated that Fox was “bad at propaganda.”

Fox’s ex-husband Brian Austin Green then fired back at Starbuck and Musk, blasting the false claims that their children were “forced to wear girl clothes.” In a statement to TMZ, Green said “It’s a totally bogus story. There are only a few people in their world that can actually verify whether or not a story like this is true and I can tell you with absolute certainty it is not. This person trying to claim this is true is a perfect example of someone with selfish motives that does not care about negatively affecting a parent child relationship.”


Social Media Response

Social media users applauded Fox and Green for defending their children.

Others could not believe the absurdity of the internet discourse the actress’ children’s clothing choices had started. The viral image of Fox and her children was additionally taken several years ago.

Elsewhere, other onlookers pointed out the alleged hypocrisy of the many “parental rights” advocate conservative media personalities. Many have spoken out in support of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which limits the mention of LGBTQ+ related educational material in schools. One publication raised the point that while these parents are all for parents making their own choices in regards to their children’s gender expression, they do not support parents doing the same on the opposite end of the political spectrum.


Fox and Green have not commented further on the situation.

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