EssayService Paper Writer Phil Collins on Writer’s Block Among Students and Ways to Overcome It

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Writer’s Block: 5 Key Reasons and Expert Tips From Paper Writer to Solve Them

Writer’s block is a condition in which the author experiences a creative slowdown, can’t think of what to write, or physically can’t produce new work. Although this condition is mostly associated with professional authors, it’s something that many of us have faced in college too.

According to Citavi, 70% of students report experiencing writer’s block occasionally in college, and 24% said that they had it nearly always. Having to deal with plenty of academic papers, young people fall into this condition due to burnout, and often, it turns out to be incredibly hard to get out.

An obvious way to overcome writer’s block in college is to get some rest. Students facing this condition often choose to delegate their papers to a trusted essay writing service to rest and get productive again. But though this solution works, the psychology behind writer’s block is much deeper. And in order to get out, it’s crucial to recognize the causes of it.

If you are also facing this problem, check out an objective essay writing service review to find a helper to back you up academically by buying term paper. In the meantime, let’s delve deeper and discover the key reasons that lead to writer’s block in the first place.

1. External Pressure

For college students, in particular, external pressure is the most common cause of writer’s block. According to “do my essay”, students have to deal with dozens of academic papers every semester. These assignments are always challenging. And the deadlines for them are often tight. Due to these reasons, young people experience constant pressure from their teachers, peers, parents, and high academic standards. This pressure basically kills their desire to write.

Luckily, at times when it gets the toughest, students can turn to the best paper writing services for immediate help. But even then, restoring inspiration and motivation to write is a hell of a deal.

Solution: If the cause of your block is stress and external pressure, that’s when you need to get some rest. Take a pause and let yourself reboot and restore energy. Also, try different stress-management practices like meditation to learn how to handle this pressure effectively and healthily.


2. Fear

Another deep cause of writer’s block is fear. Both professional authors and students face it. For students, the biggest fears include the fear of putting their ideas and themselves out there. Also, there is often a fear of failure–young people are so afraid to make a mistake and get a low grade that they simply can’t start writing.

On the one hand, this feeling is completely natural. Each of us has fears. But if it’s not addressed appropriately, this fear can become the primary reason for poor performance in academic writing.

Solution: Overcoming fears is never easy. To get started, you need to practice self-compassion and remind yourself that you are doing your very best every day. If your fears are too deep or caused by past traumas, also consider seeking professional help.

3. Perfectionism

This is another cause that can lead to writer’s block. According to psychologists, perfectionism is one of the major stumbling points for all creatives–striving for perfection, they undervalue their own abilities, which leads to even more stress. When uncertain that they can reach the best quality, students prone to perfectionism tend to opt for essay writer help. This way, they get the desired result. But it doesn’t help them create something themselves.

Solution: Wanting to do your very best on every assignment is normal and even good. However, you need to remember that perfection is unattainable. No matter how good you get at something, there is always a way to do it better. So let go of your perfectionism and let your creativity flow the way it is, and welcome mistakes.

4. Self-Criticism

This cause is closely related to the previous one. Most often, we criticize ourselves out of our perfectionism. Striving for the best results, we can punish ourselves for not doing well enough. And, of course, this has numerous negative effects on your self-esteem, mental health, and ability to get tasks done.


Solution: Teach yourself to see your work in a realistic light. Forget about self-imposed canons of “perfect” and access your writing solely based on your current experience and skills. Also, stop using self-criticism as a trigger for motivation because it doesn’t work this way. Instead, practice seeing your strong sides and embracing them. And, of course, work on yourself to develop your skills.

5. Lack of Ideas

Finally, sometimes students who face writer’s block just lack ideas for writing. This can happen for a variety of reasons. But when it happens, it can feel like there is nothing you can do about it.

Solution: First of all, you can hire a reliable essay writer online to help you handle pressing tasks. Secondly, you need to find your personal sources of inspiration. This can be anything from music and arts to traveling and sports. Get on the move and create new experiences to let your ideas flow.


These are some of the most common causes of writer’s block for college students. Knowing about them and possible solutions should help you overcome this condition and perform to your best ability.

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