Founder Of NGO Adopts 38 Kids Throughout The Pandemic

Jai Sharma doesn’t need a cape!
By Christian McBride
Jai Sharma father and Corona Warrior!
Twitter User:@Monali2177

Let’s start this Monday off with a big dose of positivity, shall we? A man that goes by the name Jai Sharma, once pursuing his MBA to leading the pack of an outstanding NGO (nongovernmental organization), and now the father of 38 kids. At 22 he stepped away from the pursuit of his MBA and began working to change the lives of many around him. His organization would give out menstrual pads, meals, ration kits and even plant trees.

One ration kit contains enough food to last you for 15 days or so depending on the size of the family or how much they consume. The ration kits contain 2kg atta, 2kg rice, 1 pack of salt, 1 bottle of oil, 2kg Dal and 1 kg of potato’s (per In 2020 when the pandemic first hit, one of the kids he was aiding aren’t lost their life due to the virus. The child reached out to Jai and his organization looking for help. Most people would have pointed the kid in the right direction or even create a temporary living situation but nothing promising. That’s not what Jai Sharma did though, he decided to take the kid in as his own. This is when he realized as he is out on his mission that there are more kids going through the same thing. Jai decided to open his heart and his home and embrace 38 kids as his own.


Quoted from Jai and his organization feature in @officialhumansofbomba Instagram account, “I’m trying to give them the best education and look after their basic needs. Some call me ‘Bhaiya’ which means brother and some even ‘papa’. And yes, we might not be biologically related, but they are all my kids! With them every day is a new adventure, and it makes me a better man. And I can’t wait to watch them soar.” Jai’s organization name is JOY standing for ‘just open yourself’. They have a goal to adopt 100 kids and (per sony pictures network) they have 38 already. Leave us a comment below tell us what you think? Not all heroes wear capes and Mr. Sharma doesn’t need one! If you’d like to assist Jai in his journey, he has all of his contact information via