Friday the 13th Trends on Twitter to Celebrate the Spooky Day

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Friday the 13th is an iconic date that some love and others fear. The fear of the date has even inspired a movie franchise as people understand the day to be especially unlucky. According to CNN, “the combination of Friday and the number 13 is a Victorian invention. In 1907, the publication of Thomas W. Lawson’s popular novel “Friday, the Thirteenth” captured the imagination with its tale of an unscrupulous broker who took advantage of the superstitions around the date to deliberately crash the stock market.” But, some people love this date. Many tattoo shops offer flash tattoo options for $13 or $31 dollars to celebrate the day.

How Twitter is celebrating

As Friday the 13th trends online, many not only discuss the date but the film franchise inspired by it. The slasher film series debuted in 1980 and follows Jason Voorhes, the villain of the franchise who was believed to be Camp Crystal Lake, causing the lake to be cursed, setting up the scene for an intimidating and scary film. But, for horror fans, this makes a perfect excuse to rewatch the film. “Friday the 13th is like Christmas for horror fans” one person Tweeted.

Others, however,  worried about healthcare workers. Not only does today mark an unlucky day, but some believe the energy is to be more hectic as there is a blood moon this Monday, which means there will be a total lunar eclipse. Some claim that full moons bring out unusual or hectic events at hospitals, especially in the ER.

Some also discussed the  $13 tattoo tradition that some artists offer. Although it is an opportunity for some to get a flash tattoo for a discounted price, others report that they regret getting the tattoo or that it is their least favorite one. Since tattoo artists often are booked the entire day and more busy than usual, many say that their tattoos ended up being lower quality.


So, whatever you decide to do today, whether it to stay inside to avoid the chance of bad luck or rewatching a horror film, have fun!

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