How Myna Snacks Is Bringing Health And Convenience To Gamers With The Help Of Pokimane

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Pokimane, whose real name is Imane Anys, remains the top female streamer on Twitch, a platform predominantly popular among gamers looking to communicate and live stream their favorite games. Avid gamers and digital creators in general often find themselves faced with spiking screen time, resulting in skewed meal and snacking habits. Myna Snacks is collaborating with Pokimane to prove that snacking is a positive and healthy experience amid a sea of products centered around diet culture.

At the heart of Myna is Darcey Macken, who has worked in the food industry for over two decades, cultivating products with brands like Noosa and Kellogg.  Macken sought to cut through the divisive rhetoric online surrounding snacking, and offer a healthy and nutritious option through Myna. The CEO most recently worked for Planterra, which shuttered its doors in the fall of 2022. In January, Macken found herself feeling inspired to take a new leap.


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While healthy snacks are nothing new in the food industry, nutrient packed cookies geared towards digital consumers are an unmarked territory. Backed by Connect Ventures, Macken was paired with Pokimane, and Myna was born.

“It’s really about how we bring people in and create our own community and build that trust and loyalty. Using her platforms to really help educate and bring people in, especially catering to Gen Z, has been a really different experience for me,” said Macken.

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Connect Ventures first connected Pokimane to Myna due to the creator’s own documentation of her health journey. In 2021, she shared that she experienced a series of health issues due to some of the foods she was eating. Upon doing research, she was confronted with a lack of options catered to her dietary needs. The streamer’s collaborative spirit and health transparency are what convinced Macken that she was the right teammate for the brand. All of Myna’s products are GMO-free, gluten-free, and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives with added Vitamin D.


“She’s been on a health journey as well and was very passionate, especially about the way that people were marketing towards her, and how that was very different than what’s available out there. We both have a lot of screen time for very different reasons, as we all do. This product is just about people that are snacking more, and that are sitting behind screens more. And we are using her audience to keep building into the mainstream,” said Macken.

The New Snack Of ESports

Macken understands that the streaming and ESports communities foster passionate groups of people, and they would only engage in the consumption of an authentic product. Pokimane is not a typical TikTok influencer by way of posting sponsored products on a daily basis, but a dedicated streamer who has built a loyal fan base across a number of mediums. Thus, her partnership with Myna is more of a collaboration than a brand deal sponsorship.

This background coupled with the brand’s research into Gen Z’s snacking habits led to the further fine tuning of Myna. “She really is very choosy about what she talks about, so we’re hoping that that resonates. We did a lot of research in the beginning on Gen Z, and we know they’re snacking more. They’re also leading the purchase decisions in the house for snacks,” explained Macken.

Myna comes at the tail end of the “de-influencing” trend on TikTok, in which content creators and influencers would talk about the negative aspects of popular products that influencers promoted, and offer cheaper “dupes” as alternatives. Gen Z being the first generation to come of age in digital culture has left them yearning for truthful products and connections in a world that has become heavily filtered and picture perfect.


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“It was fascinating more, of course we thought we knew what they were looking for, but it’s more important what they’re not looking for. That message  came through that being authentic was paramount. Don’t be this big company that’s sponsoring that tries to be cool, or has this whole cringe factor,” described Macken.
The packaging of the products is simple, but includes blurbs that mimic iPhone text messages describing the snacks inside. The subtle hints to digital culture are intended to make the product accessible to anyone, but grab the eye of the TikTok generation.
“It marries well with her tone and personality, but also who we’re trying to talk to. At the same time, we know that we want not just kid requests, but mom approval or whoever’s purchasing for the household because it has nutritious factors.”
When it comes to Myna becoming a household name, Macken hopes that parents and their children keep coming back for more.


“I hope that consumers feel this is an easy choice. You don’t have to think about it. It’s good for you, delicious, and a positive snack. It feels good, and makes your body feel good.”

Myna’s first round of products, the Midnight Minis cookies, are available for purchase now here.

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