Inappropriate LinkedIn Message Sparks Deabate

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In a recent TikTok posted by lifestyle and beauty creator @Alexandriakelly96, or just Alex, she posts about the fact that a Hyatt hotel executive messaged her on LinkedIn and sent her sexually suggestive messages. The executive, Jeffery, sends her a message that he is hiring. Interested, Alex asks where he is hiring, and after Jeffery gives options to where Hyatt is hiring, he notes that “I’m actually glad we don’t work together because I don’t think I’d get anything accomplished watching you walk around the office.” Alex posted this to TikTok, where she receives over 200 hundred thousand views.


absolutely out of pocket, jeffrey. #hyatt and #welkresorts come get your mans. #LizzosBigGrrrls #WomenOwnedBusiness #theaudacity #workplaceproblems #richmenenergy

♬ My sound is blowing up – LLS????????????

Many were stunned to see this encounter, as women are used to random men, especially older men, hitting on them randomly and uncomfortably. But, many could not relate to the fact that an older and rich man would use LinkedIn as a dating website, especially since it would be so easy to find this person’s boss and company to report him. One commenter said, “Why do old rich men think LinkedIn is a dating site?” Many were anticipating an update, especially after she told someone in the comments that she was going to be sending inappropriate messages to his boss.

In the update, Alex says that she messaged Hyatt on Instagram and that they got back to her. She also says she found his wife and daughter online as well. Although she sent the wife a message explaining what happened on Instagram, she retracted the message and unsent it as she felt like she should not get the family involved as well.  She goes on to explain that someone from Hyatt’s human resources reached out to Alex and informed her that action will be done, but Alex was not told what will be done to take care of the situation.



Alex notes that this is not the first time this has happened to her, although did not give specifics, and notes that she dislikes seeing this happen to other women. She says that this is why she spoke up and brought awareness to human resources, as she was hoping that the man would be removed from his position and unable to potentially use his position to harass anybody else. Many in the comments supported Alex and reminded her that she did the right thing and that women should not feel guilty or afraid after being sexually harassed.

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