Influencer Sparks Debate After Sharing Her And Her Husband Sleep In Separate Rooms

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taylorfrankpaul on TikTok

Influencer and TikToker Taylor Paul shared some insight into her and her husbands sleeping arrangements and the internet has some thoughts. Taylor Paul sent some of her 3.3 million followers into quite the tizzy when she confirmed that her and her husband do in fact sleep in separate rooms.


Thoughts on sleeping in separate rooms when married? (????: @iammaddisonhill) (????: @Tik Toker) #viral #marriage #separaterooms #sleepingseparate #trending

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She shared that this happened after her husband disturbed her sleep several nights looking for a shirt which not entirely sure if that means something literal or not, because she used air quotes. She also added that there were other factors that went into this decision as well like the fact her husband sleep walks and talks.

Taylor goes on to say that her and her husband have a healthy marriage and that each of them getting their sleep is important.


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