Jenna Ortega Teases First Look as Wednesday Addams in New Netflix Series

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Image: Netflix

Jenna Ortega, known for her work in You and Scream 5, is Wednesday Addams in Tim Burton’s newest series “Wednesday” from Netflix. Although Netflix premiered only a short teaser, audiences got to see Jenna Ortega as the macabre teenager from the Addams family, a well-known fictional family debuting first in a comic that now has several tv show spinoffs and films. Wednesday is most known for her deadpan and serious attitude paired with her iconic two braids and white collared dress, which Ortega brandishes in the new trailer, which is quite exciting to fans.

The show follows Wednesday as she attends “Nevermore Academy,” a boarding school, where she investigates a killing spree related to her family’s history. If that wasn’t exciting enough, fans were thrilled to learn that Christina Ricci, who played Wednesday in the 1991 adapted film, will be featured in the show as well, although the role remains unconfirmed. Many were also excited that Tim Burton is the executive producer along with directing a majority of the episodes, as he is known for his iconic and dreary films.

So, as soon as Netflix released the trailer, it was unsurprising to see Jenna Ortega trending online as many thought that the casting could not be better. Ortega, who took home the “Most Frightened Performance” at last night’s MTV awards for Scream, has been noticed after playing in different horror films, like “X” and the upcoming Scream 6. Now, some call her this generation’s newest “scream queen,” which is a term to refer to an actress who has had a prominent effect on horror films.

Not only are people excited to see Ortega’s performance, but some people on Twitter are also obsessed with the Wednesday Addams account on Twitter, meant to give the show more PR and garner more attention. But, this account is not like the others, as it takes on the dry and sardonic personality of Wednesday that fans love so much. With Tweets like “Your compliments make me nauseous, and not in a good way,” and “I would feel gratitude but I’m dead inside,” it seems whoever is running this Twitter account is nailing it so far.


Although Netflix did not say when the show will be released, many suspect the show will be streaming this fall, which would make sense for the Halloween season. But, until then, fans are hoping to see a more detailed trailer sooner rather than later.

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