Jessica Biel Allegedly Staying Focused on Career Amid Justin Timberlake’s Legal Drama

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Jessica Biel is prioritizing her professional commitments and personal life in the wake of her husband Justin Timberlake’s recent arrest for DWI, according to a source familiar with the couple’s situation.

Biel has been actively supporting Timberlake despite the legal challenges he faces. The couple attended Timberlake’s recent performance at Madison Square Garden, where witnesses spotted Biel enthusiastically dancing in the crowd. The source emphasized that Biel remains steadfast in her support for Timberlake’s career endeavors, maintaining a strong presence at his shows whenever possible.

Speaking to PEOPLE, the source stated, “They’re always supportive of each other’s careers.” They also went on to add, “Jess would never miss a show when she’s able to attend. She’s excited for him. They’ve moved on from the arrest.”

The insider highlighted that Biel and Timberlake have placed their trust in their legal team to handle the ongoing legal matters, allowing them to refocus on their work commitments and family life. Biel, in particular, is deeply engaged in filming her upcoming project for Prime Video, titled “The Better Sister,” and is reportedly eager about the opportunity.

Timberlake’s legal issues arose on June 18 when he was arrested in Sag Harbor, New York, under suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Police reported that Timberlake had allegedly run a stop sign and failed to maintain his lane. During the traffic stop, officers noted signs of impairment such as bloodshot and glassy eyes, an alcoholic odor on his breath, and poor performance on sobriety tests.

Released with a court date set for July 26, Timberlake resumed his professional obligations, including a performance at Chicago’s United Center just days after the incident. Addressing his audience during the tour, Timberlake expressed gratitude for his fans’ enduring support throughout his career.

“This [tour] is just something that keeps watching over me, more so on this tour than any other,” Timberlake shared with the audience. “And that’s that mostly all of us here in this room tonight, in this arena tonight, have grown up together.”


Regarding the incident, a bartender who served Timberlake the night of his arrest corroborated Timberlake’s statement to police that he had consumed only one martini during dinner with friends. This detail aligned with court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

While Biel was initially displeased with the attention brought by Timberlake’s legal troubles, the source emphasized her preference to keep family matters private, especially when negative attention arises.

As Timberlake continues to navigate the aftermath of his arrest, Biel remains focused on her professional commitments and providing support to her husband amidst the scrutiny. The couple’s resilience and commitment to each other’s careers underscore their shared dedication to maintaining normalcy amid challenges.

There have been no tour numbers reported as of late after the incident for Timberlake as well.

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