Jonah Hill’s Text Messages To Ex Girlfriend Sarah Brady Spark Conversation on Therapy Speak

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Actor Jonah Hill is facing mixed public reactions after his ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady shared text messages between her and Hill alleging emotional abuse and manipulation. Brady, who is a law student and a professional surfer and surf instructor, regularly posts action shots of herself in a swimsuit on the job. A series of aggressive comments from Hill regarding Brady’s profession and social media presence ensued over text.

The actor made a lengthy list of demands, which included “no surfing with men” and “no friendships with unstable women.” He described these demands as his “boundaries” in their relationship. Now, onlookers, abuse survivors, and therapists alike are calling Hill out for weaponizing “therapy speak.”

Hill recently produced a documentary with Netflix about his own therapist, and his role in his healing journey. “Stutz” was released in 2022, and was widely praised among mental health professionals at the time of its release.  Many now point to the absurd irony of Hill’s perceived insecurity and alleged weaponization of therapy tactics despite his role in the documentary.

Some are also recognizing that his matching suits to a premiere last year with Brady was likely actually an attempt at controlling her appearance.


Brady further alleged that Hill demanded her to take down several social media posts.

Social Media Response

Licensed therapist Jeff Guenther has amassed a sizable TikTok following (@therapyjeff). He reaches his audience through humorous graphic tees and pop culture references in relation to daily wisdom about self improvement. Given the nature of his platform, Guenther addressed the newly released Jonah Hill texts. He echoed the opinions of several onlookers of the situation, and clarified the true meaning of the word “boundaries” and why Hill misused it.


Jonah Hill was using therapy speak to control his girlfriend. #jonahhill #therapyspeak #therapy #mentalhealth #manipulation

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Despite the wealth of professional opinions on the situation, several average internet users decided to drop their own two cents on the conversation. Several straight men are supporting Hill and found his behavior reasonable–notably, NBA star Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns. Hill was pictured wearing a jersey representing Booker’s team, and the basketball player coincidentally reposted the image to his Instagram story in an apparent show of support. Booker previously dated model Kendall Jenner.


Elsewhere, countless women share stories of similar emotional manipulation and alleged abuse that they experienced at the hands of their partners. Some feel that the situation is an example of generational misogyny.

One Twitter user pointed out a quote from longtime “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah’s mother. Some immediately felt that Hill should have simply dated someone that he felt aligned with instead of attempting to change Brady, but the quote points to toxic men wanting to break powerful women down.

Elsewhere, some draw comparisons to a recent incident in which actress KeKe Palmer was publicly criticized by her boyfriend Darius Jackson over an outfit she wore to an Usher concert.

Meanwhile, Hill is yet to address the allegations. Since August 2022, he has been in a relationship with fashion entrepreneur Olivia Millar. Millar recently gave birth to the couple’s first child.

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