EXCLUSIVE: Meet Joseph Duran A.K.A. The “Super Bowl Runner”

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Photo: @joseph.durann & @worldstar

A lot of eyebrows were raised early on into the third quarter of Super Bowl 56 this past Sunday after a male fan in his early 20s could be seen sprinting almost 80 yards with a banner reading “@atlaspartiesla” before being tackled by security.

Joseph Duran, 20, is one of Los Angeles’ top nightlife and entertainment promoters, with an audience of over 6,000 followers on social media. Duran, who runs the Instagram page “@atlaspartiesla,” thought It would be a good idea to run onto the field at SoFi Stadium during the third quarter of the Super Bowl this past Sunday with a 4×2 banner promoting his brand. “I thought it was a good opportunity to you know market our stuff…you just gotta live your life at some point,” Duran told What’s Trending during a phone interview.

The recently turned 20-year-old told What’s Trending “I was actually working with vendors for the Super Bowl VIP experience, which if you know is just outside the stadium, I was basically helping kids throw footballs at this arcade thing.” Duran was given “on location credentials” from a staffing company called “Genesis Global Workforce Solutions,” which stated in a report that “The Company [would] be supporting the Super Bowl Experience, February 5-12, by filling over 300 Teammates and Fan Services positions during the event.”

It was just after 2:30 pm PST when Durran’s shift had ended and he’d seen the opportunity to sneak in through the press entrance. According to Duran, he surveyed the field for over three hours and while doing so got questioned by event security multiple times asking things like “what zone are you working in” and “what publication are you with.”

At approximately 5:55 Duran rushed the field, narrowly avoiding the first layer of security, and making it a whole 80 yards before getting tackled and ultimately arrested.


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Allegedly security told Duran that he was an “F-ing Idiot” and purposely tightened the handcuffs, to which his response was “I don’t give an F… It was worth it.”

Duran concluded the interview by saying, “I want everyone to know, honesty you sometimes need to take risks because sometimes you don’t know, another reason I did this besides the marketing was to show people you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

A court date was set for September 7th according to Duran, and no criminal charges have been filed.

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