Here’s What You Can Do To Help In Aleppo

  • The situation in Aleppo — the war torn Syrian city currently in the midst of a genocidal civil war — has been growing grimmer. The war, which has been raging between rebels and government forces, has grown a new bloody mark as Russia backed government forces have been shooting people left in the city — even children — on sight. Journalists have been getting videos out about the situation, and the situation is unfathomable.

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  • The city is incomparable from what it used to be, and a search for the hashtag #SaveAleppo. shows the unfathomable human cost that the conflict has done. Warning, that hashtag is extremely graphic, but it’s important to know just what is happening.

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  • More information can also be found in the New York Times or on Al Jazeera.

    For those of you who wonder — “what can I do to lessen the suffering of Aleppo’s citizens”, there are a few things you can do.

    The website has advice on how you can help, including how to start a personal fundraiser to raise money, such as this one by NuDaySyria, which I encourage you to donate to.

    There are some recommended courtesy of International Business Times. These include — Mercy USA which is building a much needed medical facility for its refugees, or you can give a gift as seen on’s website.

    Equally important is calling your local representative and asking for Humanitarian Assistance and continued support for refugees. You can find your representative here.

    Tell us what charity you donated to or what you will do to help Aleppo in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending and remember — any little you can do in the face of an insurmountable problem, helps.