One TikToker is Weirdly Attracted to the Grinch at a Theme Park

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Grinch is the character that we have all come to love for his witty and funny lines, but also how he has a soft spot for his dog Max. Showing that he does have a heart under all that tough green exterior that he tried so hard to bury after he was bullied as a child. This funny cynic is also present at Universal Studios to interact with, take pictures with, and take his role very seriously in a good wholesome way. Making people all over fall for him.

All over TikTok people are finding themselves being attracted to theme park Grinch who really gets into character. Youtube and blogger, Alessa Dufresne, who is a frequent visitor of the popular theme park Universal Studios visited the iconic Grinch. Their interaction was eventful, to say the least.


The Grinch was crabby, but liked my makeup???????? #fyp #foryourpage #thegrinch #christmas

♬ original sound – Alessa 🙂

The Grinch, the sassy being he is, never fails to make one laugh. Alessa and the Grinch start this playful banter when Alessa started off complimented off his clothes when he thought she said cheap. when she said chic. In the video when she says we have the same lashes Grinch takes a closer look saying, “Yours are fake.” Claiming that his eyelashes are real and at the end of the meet he complimented her contour. Upon posting the video in the comment section, people were pining over the man behind the makeup shipping the blogger and him in a way.

Comments saying:

“Proof that people find personality hot and don’t care about looks. He’s hot after breaking character cuz he sounded so genuine and cute,” TikTok user @Tweson.

“To everyone wondering why they are attracted to him: it’s the genuine confidence,” TikTok user @a.sliver.of.grey.


“Why am I attracted to him!!!!! Lol,” TikTok use @Royal Rachel.

More and more comments say that they also find the Grinch attractive because coming to find it is because of his personality and the person under the makeup.

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