Pedro Almodóvar’s “Strange Way Of Life” Starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke Teases Poster Ahead of Cannes Debut

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Director Pedro Almodóvar’s highly anticipated “Strange Way Of Life” dropped its first poster featuring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke, and the internet could not get enough of it. Much of the film was shot in Spain, with costumes designed by Yves Saint Laurent. In a recent interview with Esquire, Pascal revealed that he has long hoped to work with Almodóvar. The director spoke to the outlet about Pascal’s performance, saying “I asked Pedro to play someone solid, emotional, crafty, a cheat if necessary, warmhearted. And he played all those nuances with incredible ease.”

The film is set to follow Hawke and Pascal as their characters reunite after years apart, with their friendship possibly turning romantic. The 30-minute queer focused Western is now officially to debut at Cannes this May. Stills from the film are also receiving viral attention online, with comparisons being drawn to the previous famous queer Western film “Brokeback Mountain.”

Both Pascal and Hawke will reportedly attend the screening.


Pedro Pascal’s Rise To Fame

This year, Pascal rapidly rose to fame in the public eye for his roles in “The Last Of Us” and “The Mandalorian.” He worked as an actor for years prior to booking the two notable roles, previously appearing in “Game Of Thrones”, “The Good Wife”, “The Mentalist” and several other television shows and films.

Pascal’s close friend since his college years at New York University, actress Sarah Paulson, spoke to Esquire on his career. She admitted to supporting him financially at times during his early career struggles, and even made predictions for some dream acting roles for her best friend. The pair’s decades long friendship was the subject of one of Pascal’s “Saturday Night Live” skits.

The Esquire profile additionally quoted Pascal’s “The Last Of Us” costar Bella Ramsey. Ramsey spoke about their close friendship that came from filming the hit show together for a year. The pair each had advice for each other.

“Strange Way Of Life” does not have a confirmed general audience release date at this time.


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