People are Divided Over The Ikea Couch and Many More Pride Month Products

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Photo | Ikea Canada

Recently for pride month, many companies come out with pride-related products to showcase their products. This is something familiar that happens during pride month that usually has many people divided. Some think that it is nice that a company is branching out and creating products for LGBT people to use and have and feel welcomed. Others feel as if it is a marketing ploy only. One example of this is Ikea. Recently, Ikea came out with new loveseats designed by LGBT and LGBT allied people that are inspired by different LGBT flags.

The Great Divide

Some people really loved this collection, noting that these were created by artists who had best interests in mind and are examples of specific tastes rather than a couch that all people would like. These are not couches you can actually buy but are instead intended to be art pieces for pride month. For some who expressed praise for how they want to purchase the loveseats, others bashed them specifically for their design choices, like this bisexual love seat “When you change or to and, nobody believes you.” 

Others joked about how many of the couches would be uncomfortable to sit on, like the couch inspired by the progress flag.

Though this is mostly humorous, the real conversation comes into play when it comes to talking about the issue of brands using pride month as a marketing tool and how it is an absurd way to support the community. One example is how  Starbucks  showcased pride month in their company with a post that said “Side by side. Hand in hand. We’re marching with you,” some people questioned what these illustrations have anything to do with their frappes and lattes. One TikToker joked that “We don’t want your rainbow logos for pride month. We want you to put Doc Martens on sale.” 



just a little #pridemonth PSA to the companies participating in rainbow washing campaigns ????

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Though most people participating in the discourse or conversation around companies and pride month, it is important to note that the support companies give LGBT people usually only comes when it is the most convenient for them, and that marketing something with rainbows is benefitting them and not actual LGBT people. Companies and businesses that publicly show support for the LGBTQ+ community, but privately engage in other practices that are detrimental to those who identify themselves as LGBTQ+, are known as Rainbow Washing. Rainbow washing was noticed from other companies that such as CVS Health, Comcast, Walmart, and even AT&T were all applicable in donating money to outside sources that aren’t affiliated with the LGBTQ+ community in any way. many consumers that have overseen the thought behind rainbow-washing and are currently trying to find ways to protest, research and educate others to help portray to proper message any meaning Pride Month. 

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