Riverdale’s Last Season Was Announced and Twitter is Celebrating

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Riverdale, a television show whose characters are based on the characters of the Archie Comics, will be ending after the next season, according to the network The CW. After seven seasons, the show will be coming to an end, and a lot of people on Twitter are actually celebrating. In the years the show has been on, it has been a wild one. With episodes containing real moments of one character learning, that she had “serial killer genes” to seventeen-year-old Archie fighting a bear, a lot of people are a little glad to see that the show would be finally coming to an end.

Many began discussing the contents of the show and wondered how the content worsened over time. “remember when Riverdale was about finding who killed Jason Blossom?” one person asked. At the beginning of the show in the first season, the show explored the death and who was responsible for Jason Blossom’s death, who was Cheryl’s brother. But, by now, the show has completely gone away from the original season. A good amount of people liked the first season but did not watch more of it as the show continued to get weirder.

Since The CW has canceled quite an amount of shows prior to this, some are wondering if we are witnessing the downfall of the network. Others also thought that the actors in the show were probably glad to hear the show was canceled and working on different projects. “I know the Riverdale cast was crying tears of joy when they found out the show was finally ending,” one person wrote.

Although there are some fans who say they are going to miss the show, it seems many on Twitter were glad to see it go. “It’s actually kinda sad to think about Riverdale ending. Like the show is wild and insane but has been such a huge fan since the pilot, the knowledge that there will be a day when there will be no new episodes to look forward to…yeah that’s kinda heartbreaking,” a fan account commented.


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