Robert Downey Jr. Supports Armie Hammer Through His Recovery

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Bruce Glikas/WireImage & Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC

In case you have been unaware, actor Armie Hammer was in the headlines and accused of violence and emotionally abusive behavior. In March of 2021, Vanity Fair reported that “several women took to social media to accuse the actor of emotional abuse, manipulation, and violence. The scandal ballooned as screengrabs circulated that seemed to show the actor describing sexual fantasies involving rape and cannibalism.” After the crisis, Robert Downey Jr. attempted to help him and even paid for his stay at rehab, according to sources close to him.

Many theorize this might be close to Downey’s heart, as he once struggled with addiction very publically. Many sources noted Hammer struggles with unresolved trauma from his past along with substance issues. Now, Hammer continues to lay low and lives in the Caymans as he continues his recovery. This news came after a viral tweet, now deleted, where she claimed her parents stayed in the Caymans and Hammer worked as their concierge.

Although Downey’s representatives did not reach back for comment, sources claim Downey assists Hammer financially. He was under public scrutiny after the screenshots were released and several women alleged he abused them. Currently, Hammer denies all claims, and charges have not been filed. Still, some do not believe Hammer will ever return to Hollywood, and many people believe he shouldn’t and would not be welcomed. A source states he is “totally broke” as he tries to support his family.

Some wondered why Downey attempted to help Hammer. Although they understood they share struggling with a publicized addiction, he was accused of sexual assault and being abusive, as one person pointed out. “I can see the sentiment from RDJ here, he got a second chance so wants to give someone else that opportunity. But cannibalism is a whole other level of insane,” one person noted. Although the claims remain alleged, many believe the screenshots were real, which is disturbing in itself. Overall, people were feeling uneasy about the support he was receiving from Downey.


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