Slot Slang Worth Knowing

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Lalaine Mukadiro

When it comes to the slot world, there are lots of words and phrases thrown around that many players – especially those who are new to the reels – may not fully know the meaning of.

With this in mind, we wanted to take a look at the slang terms used within the slot world, that you’d find on both online and in-person casino slot games, so you feel more confident when reading or hearing the slang terms when spinning the reels.

So, if you’re ready, let’s jump straight to it and find out what some of the slang words within the slot world mean.

Action Refers to the cumulative amount wagered on a particular slot over a period of time.

Big Bertha Refers to a big casino slot machine that has multiple reels. You’ll find that these slot types are usually used to grab player’s attention when walking into the casino.

Big Hit Refers to big wins won at the slot machine area. A jackpot win could be classed as a big win, as well as anything over a few credits worth.

Cash Out Refers to when a player withdraws their slot winnings.

Cold Machine Refers to slot games that haven’t paid out in a while or rarely reward players with any winnings.

Cold Slots Refers to slot games that seem to not pay out as often as others. You may even hear them be referred to as ‘tight Slots’.

Hammer a Machine Refers to when a player plays the same slot game for a long period of time.

Hit and Run Refers to a player who instead of sticking to just the one slot game, will play one slot at the max wagering rate for a few spins, then stop and go to another slot game and do the same.

Hot Machine Refers to a slot machine that is considered to have the highest winning payout frequency.

Hot Slots Refers to Slots that are more likely to pay out quite often.

Jackpot Refers to the top prize up for grabs within some Slots found on the casino floor, both on and offline.

Loose Slot Refers to a slot that is considered to pay out lots of winnings, although nothing is guaranteed.

Low Level Refers to the slot machines in casino settings that you need to play whilst sitting down.

One-Armed Bandit The slang term used by many players around the world to describe slot machines, due to the more traditional machines featuring one lever players would need to pull down to spin the reels.

Pokies A term used by Australian players to describe or refer to slot machines.

Short Win Refers to when a player wins big, like a jackpot-sized win, from playing a slot for a short amount of time.

Slot Talk Refers to when slot players use slot slang to share information about a slot with one another.

Now you know just a handful of the many slot slang terms out there, will you be a player that slot talks with other players?

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