Margot Robbie Breaks Down Australian Slang!

  • If you were confused about Australian slang, Margot Robbie has got you covered!

    Robbie recently shot a video with Vanity Fair explaining the delicate intricacies of the Australian dialect. The Suicide Squad star broke down confusing phrases such as Bludger (someone who’s lazy) and ripper (great, or awesome) from a beautiful sunny beach somewhere in the world. Thanks to this video, you should be able to understand conversational Australian and even participate!

    Here’s a short list of some of the phrases she goes over that you may not be familiar with:

    Fair Dinkum: Far out

    Hard Yakka: Hard work

    Crack on to: Hit on

    Pash: The redness that happens when kissing

    Thong: Flip flops

    Crook: Sick

    Chuck a sickie: Calling in sick

    Unfortunately not all things were sunshine and happiness with Vanity Fair. Robbie’s recent profile in the magazine has been slammed as “sexist and lecherous,” by several media outlets. Fans on Twitter found Richard Cohen’s profile to be creepy on several levels, as the writer seemed to focus more on Robbie’s looks and attractiveness rather than her actual talent.

    It’s a shame that a company who produced such a light-hearted video could also publish such a controversial piece.

    What do you think of the Margot Robbie piece? Gross or misunderstood? Let us know what you think in the comments down below or on Twitter @WhatsTrending.