Stranger Things Returns with Season 4

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Image: Netflix

After three years of anticipating the return of the beloved Netflix show “Stranger Things,” season 4 officially dropped today. Although three years have passed for us, only six months have passed in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, where the show takes place. The show is well-loved by fans and has earned 7 Emmys between the three existing seasons. Lately, Netflix struggles a bit, with two rounds of layoffs so far after losing 200 thousand subscribers in the first quarter. According to the NY Times, the CEO of Netflix says the show is “probably our biggest, most enduring content brand that we’ve created.”

As badly as Netflix needed a hit, some think the show might be just what they needed. Overall there are some age discrepancies, as after three years the stars have visibly grown up quite a bit, but the show is still well-loved. Interestingly, the show will have episodes that are more like short films, as three of the first four episodes are already 75 minutes or more. Although some feared the show might not have lived up to the hype, it began trending online almost immediately. “after 3 years, 1,057 days, 25,378 hours, and 24 minutes Stranger Things finally comes to us tonight. Let me COLLAPSE,” one fan commented.

So, it is obvious that fans already love the show, with some staying up all night to finish it already, with others taking their time. Some try to watch the show all at once to avoid spoilers, while others like to savor it since the final half of the season has yet to come for another month. “I feel like my Stranger Things obsession is coming back,” one person commented.


So, although there was some concern that the aging of characters would be offputting to watch, as viewers have literally watched the actors grow up in front of them, it does not seem to upset any viewers so far. Already, many are looking forward to binging the show in its entirety.

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