Teacher Writes Heartwrenching Message Asking Who Took Her Calculator to Return it, Sparking Kind Gifts from Strangers

These videos also show how hard the teaching career can be.
By Savannah Moss
@Chemwithcorinne | TikTok

A chemistry teacher whose expensive calculator was stolen reached out to TikTok for help. On TikTok, she posted a note she left for her students reading: “To the person who stole the calculator I’ve had since high school: Please return it. Have a friend drop it off or leave it by the door. My kids need new jackets and shoes, and I can’t afford to replace it. Thank you, Mrs. L.”


There is a good ending to this story, stay tuned #teachersoftiktok #chemistryteacher #highschool #pov


The TikToker, @chemwithcorinne, wrote the note and attached photos of her children as well. The song she uses says “so done” as she comments “There is a good ending to this story, stay tuned.” The video went viral, with over 50 thousand likes and many comments offering to replace the costly calculator for her in case a student does not return it. Many were shocked that the school would not offer to replace it, pointing out the hardships many American teachers face. Many were willing to mail their own or asked her to start a wishlist in order to help the struggling teacher.

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Reply to @wornoutteach proof that there are 1000s of good people to make up for the bad #teachersoftiktok #pov

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Though Mrs. L never got her original calculator returned, in an update, she notes that she was overwhelmed by the response from both her students and from strangers on the internet. Mrs. L let her audience know that she recently resigned from teaching, hoping to be a “full-time” toddler mother. She declines the gifts many tried to give her, but did encourage those same people to use their resources and donate to other schools or teachers in need.


So thankful to have had an opportunity to teach and coach 100s of incredible young people in the last 8 years #teachersoftiktok #greatresignation #pov

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In a final and promised update, she notes that she was surprised with two coats in the exact size for her toddlers, which she was obviously touched and inspired by. In the end, she never knew who stole her calculator and it was never returned, but the story still has a hopeful ending, thankfully.