Teen Posts Video A Day Before Allegedly Murdering Her Disabled Sister

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A 14-year-old TikToker from Pennsylvania has allegedly stabbed her disabled sister to death. The girl had made a now-viral TikTok just one day before the murder had taken place. The girl’s TikTok account has been taken down but her videos have been added to other accounts before they were taken down.

Claire Miller

Claire Miller is a 14-year-old girl from Pennsylvania. Her account on TikTok was closed on Thursday after she posted a video the day before allegedly stabbing her 19-year-old sister Helen Miller. Her sister Helen had cerebral palsy and was in a wheelchair.

It is said that Miller’s account was @spiritsandsuchconsulting. Her account was flagged by TikTokf for violating the app’s community guidelines. According to Business Insider, the specific guideline she was in violation of is, “promoting or engaging in violence”

The 14-year-old had over 20,000 followers on the app before her account was taken down although it is speculated that her numbers grew after the news of the death of her sister. Screenshots and screen recordings show videos from the day before that appear to be of the girl talking about her father.

Another page was created on TikTok with the same videos from Claire’s page. In the bio, the user lets people know that they are not Claire. “Spare in case spiritsandsuchconsulting gets taken down. Captions are replicas.”

Night Of The Murder

Claire Miller had called 911 around 1 a.m. on Monday and according to the arrest affidavit had confessed to the crime. Police say she had told them, “I stabbed my sister,” numerous times.


When cops arrived at the house, Miller had blood all over her pants and there was blood in the snow outside the house. Police said that it looked like she was trying to wash her hands in the snow.

Her sister, Helen Miller, was found with a fatal stab wound to her neck. Prosecutors confirmed that first responders gave their best effort but the 19-year-old was pronounced dead a few hours later.

Claire Miller lead the officers to the bedroom where they found Helen Miller lying in bed. She had a blood-stained pillow over her face and a large knife was still in her neck. She was lying on her back with her hands by her head.

Miller is being charged with homicide as an adult. Police are still investigating a motive for the murder.

Police Investigation

In Pennsylvania, homicide is not considered a delinquent act according to the district attorney’s office. This means that Claire Miller will be charged as an adult. She is also one of the youngest people in Lancaster County to be charged with homicide. The last teen to be charged with homicide in Lancaster County was in 2019.

Many people were questioning where the girls’ parents were when the alleged murder took place. The district attorney’s office had confirmed that the girls’ parents were sleeping when it happened.


Her TikTok videos are getting millions of views as people try to see if they can figure out Miller’s motive for possibly killing her sister. After her video went viral, there are a lot of eyes on this case.

Miller was denied bail and is being held in Lancaster County Prison in a female housing unit.

Social Media Response

TikTok is working to take down videos that are being reposted from Claire’s account. People on Twitter are reposting them as well. Many users are horrified that the videos are showing up on their timelines. One video Claire had posted seems to be in the same time frame as the murder. It shows what appears to be a bloody giraffe being placed outside in different areas. You can also see what appears to be a bloody glove in the snow.

CW: Offensive language and disturbing images



Some people took to Twitter to talk about how offensive the comments in the videos are. Users are seen commenting insensitive jokes about the murder. One user joked about commenting on the video just to be able to make it on a future documentary.

This user tweeted out screenshots of the comments to show her utter disgust with people’s responses.

People are asking each other to report the videos when they show up on their timelines to avoid having more people see them. It is a big concern for parents when things like this start to go around since there are a large number of children and teens on TikTok. These concerns from parents are valid given a situation like this where Claire’s videos include clips that appear to be at the crime scene.

Although, many videos that have been circulating on social media that link to TikTok have been quickly removed due to the violation of community guidelines. TikTok has yet to comment on the situation.

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