“The Kardashians” Called Out After Viewers Believe the Show Purposely Left out Astroworld Tragedy

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Rich Fury/Getty Images

Last November, 10 people died at rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival from a crowd surge. Hundreds were injured and many blamed Scott for the surge, saying that he “incited” the people in the crowd. Many came out who attended the concert and said that the event was held in too small of a venue and did not have enough medical staff. Now, Scott is being sued by a woman who claims she had a miscarriage from suffering severe injuries at the event. Kylie Jenner, Scott’s girlfriend, and Kendall Jenner attended the festival in a VIP section and even posted photos from the event that they were later called out for. So, many noticed that the latest episode of “The Kardashians” from Hulu seemed to intentionally leave out the tragedies at Astroworld.


The newest episode focuses on Kris Jenner’s birthday celebration, which happened the same week as Astroworld. But, with Kendall and Kylie both missing, viewers were shocked to see that the festival was not only ignored, but many also felt like a fake storyline was created to ignore the festival. The show highlights Kendall and model Hailey Bieber vacationing as Kris wonders if she should invite Kourtney Kardashian’s ex, despite how awkward the event could be. And, the show noted that Kendall missed her birthday due to being in Miami. And although it is not directly stated, viewers thought the show faked this timeline to make it look like she was in Miami when fans knew she was attending Astroworld.


“How is Kendall in Miami when the night of her mom’s party she’s at Astroworld…? Does that mean they’re not gonna address it on the show?” wrote one person online. Once one person noticed, others agreed and noticed how many seemed to be distracted from an explosive fight between Kendall and Scott Disick and Kendall not knowing how to cut a cucumber properly.



“We know Kendall was with kylie and Travis in Houston during the Astroworld accident on kris’s birthday. don’t play it off like Kendall was in Miami the whole time,” one person wrote. Many were confused that the show wouldn’t at least address it and overall found it disrespectful to those who were killed or injured from attending the festival.

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