Thomas Day Wants Listeners To Feel Everything On ‘Come Home’

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Robert Wheeler

Singer-songwriter Thomas Day grew up a few miles out of Nashville, Tennessee, in the suburb of Brentwood. As the story goes, he succumbed to the Friday night lights and joined his high school’s football team. In the background of his star-athletics career was a burning passion for music. Growing up listening to the classic rock stylings of the Beatles and contemporary pop artists like JP Saxe and Rex Orange County, Day found music as a creative outlet that allowed him to heal from his first heartbreak. Deviating from the toxic masculinity stereotypically associated with American football, Day chose to wear his heart on his sleeve.


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In 2020, the singer left Tennessee for the “America’s Got Talent” stage, advancing far in the competition. His brutally honest songwriting about the growing pains of experiencing a first heartbreak and leaving home resonated with thousands of viewers. His powerful pop ballad vocals continue to captivate thousands online. Post-competition, Day now allows listeners to keep up with his creative endeavors via TikTok. What’s Trending caught up with Thomas Day about his latest single, “Come Home”, his first tour, and his journey from the field to the stage.

Your new song “Come Home” tackles the growing pains of leaving your hometown. The song is both universal and deeply personal. What inspired you to write it?

“When I was writing this song, I was going through a long distance relationship. I was in Tennessee, and she was in California. We were just having a hard time, and it was a really rough patch for us. So many things were  happening.  I think it was kind of an acceptance and understanding what we were going through. We ended up breaking up and this song is an exploration of why that happened.”

You nearly attended college on a football scholarship. What made you change your mind and pursue a music career instead?

“I’ve always done both my whole life. I did music, and I was also doing sports. I was getting recruited to play football [at universitites]. I’ve just always been absolutely in love with music. I love both things, but naturally my heart went to music over everything always.”

Growing up in Tennessee, you clearly found yourself balancing this life between your musical aspirations and football. Would you say that this constant balancing act is part of what inspires your current songwriting process?

“Naturally, as a human being, I’ve always been one of those people that always has to do something. I have ADHD, so I’m always bouncing off walls. It’s always on to the next thing. I feel like it was a very interesting mix of activities, because one day, I’m practicing hockey, soccer, and football, and then the next I’m writing a sad song. Music has always been therapeutic for me. Sports is an active way of staying in shape, and I love staying in shape. That that was the perfect way to do it.  I think it was a beautiful mix.”


You competed on America’s Got Talent in 2020. What lessons did you take away from that experience?

“It’s crazy that was so long ago now. I loved that show experience so much, it was really, really fun. I think it was really crazy, since I was a junior in high school and I was at training camp for football, and then went off to go do some music stuff.  It was crazy performing in front of a live crowd like that, it was really life changing.”

What do you hope for listeners to take away from your music?

“Whatever the listener is going through, or whatever they’re experiencing, I just hope it helps them. I’ve always been somebody that has been drawn to helping and wanting to help people, and that’s why I love music so much.”

“It’s probably my favorite part of being an artist. Seeing the things that music can do is so powerful. I feel like with my music I’m always trying to be therapeutic for myself, but music is therapy for everyone. I just want them to be okay, and I want them to hopefully love what they’re listening to.”

Thomas Day is not coming home just yet. He will open for fellow musician David Kushner in Los Angeles and Chicago. “Come Home” is now available on streaming services. You can follow along with Thomas Day’s journey on TikTok @thomasdayymusic and Instagram @thomasdaymusic.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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