TikToker Catches Older Men Objectifying Woman at Planet Fitness

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A video that was posted on May 24th has reached 1.8 million views on TikTok and has many people raging over two men objectifying a woman at Planet Fitness. The two middle-aged men exchange comments about the woman’s smell, saying that her perfume and appearance make her “ripe for the picking”–all while the woman runs on a treadmill in the background.

@charliebangaNow I see why women feel uncomfortable when they go out in public. Theres alotta weirdass men outchea g. ##charliebang ##foryou ##exposed ##planetfitness♬ original sound – charliebanga

TikToker @charliebanga has a few words to say about it, especially toward men out there. He didn’t just want to defend the woman, but also imply that men in the world need serious change and accountability for objectification. 

Comments from the video had so much more to add, showcasing that women will continue to make it clear that these experiences don’t just go unnoticed. One person definitely said it best: “Hold friends accountable. Raise good men. Thank you so much for showcasing what so many deny exists.”

@claudiamconwayReply to @kim_chat♬ original sound – ANANIA

It’s without a doubt that women will continue to make it clear that men in the world need a serious accountability check. One time, TikToker @claudiamconway got a comment that tried to slut shame her for getting catcalled and claimed that the reason behind these encounters are because of how women look. Her response? The TikToker pointed out the real reason in her next video.

@claudiamconwaylike yes they are correct we are the most perfect people on the planet but get up out of my underage business♬ Hell Shell – Young Nudy


Comments were quick to surge in defense for Conway, stating that no one has any right or reason to catcall another person. One person mentioned: “People never hold men accountable, and I’ve had enough! Like as women and girls why do we have to deal with scary men yelling at us on the street, wtf.”

Despite Conway being underage and walking in the middle of the city at night, she wanted to make it clear that catcalling was unacceptable in any way, shape, or form.

@missymythicplease share this there is absolutely no reason to take it down♬ original sound – ⚔️MISSY MYTHIC⚔️

To add insult to injury, it’s not just the ‘objectifying’ portion that makes these encounters so surreal. One time this female TikToker @missmythic encountered a frightening experience with a man that was following her in the dead of night for over half an hour.

@missymythicplease share this, please watch the whole thing. and please check out my TickTock for a few days ⚔️✊????⚔️ ##scared ##sos ##emergency ##awareness ♬ original sound – ⚔️MISSY MYTHIC⚔️

From the stalking to the confrontation to @missmythic finally pulling out a knife, it’s unsettling to watch.


@missymythicReply to @blech_my_eyes and here is the story about how the Dragonborn shouted the bad man away. Fus Roh Dah! ⚔️????‍♀️⚔️ ##stalker ##storytime♬ original sound – ⚔️MISSY MYTHIC⚔️

In a follow-up video, the TikToker elaborated on how the man stalked her, addressed how she handled the situation, and expressed how disgusted she was that the man attempt to defend his catcalling and stalking.

@missymythicSHARE THIS! many people must see it WATCH THE FULL VID! frequency record experiment successful. ????⚔️????Tell us we are wrong now! ##feminismo ##feminism♬ original sound – ⚔️MISSY MYTHIC⚔️

Overall, videos like these are just snippets of an enormous issue. Women all around the world have made countless attempts to call out, educate, and even address men in the world to help them educate and take responsibility for their actions. Now, it’s time for men to follow suit and encourage other men out there to understand what women face on a daily basis.

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