TikToker Exposes and Highlights How Influencers Subtly Edit Their Videos

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Photo: residualdata on TikTok

Social media is usually discussed in two particular ways: it is praised for its ability to connect people or it is critiqued for the ways it can harm others. Many people try to start the conversation around the ways social media can harm us by reminding people that what we see on the internet is not always what is really there. Recently, a TikToker has exposed a fashion influencer for editing their bodies to look more like society’s expectations or standards. People are aware to editing in photos, but it is harder to remember that videos can be distorted as well. TikToker @residualdata has recently gotten popular on TikTok for posting body positive content. Recently, she has gone viral for exposing a popular fashion influencer for editing her body in a video. Her video has received 1.4 million views and almost 300,000 likes with only being posted yesterday.


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She points out how the woman’s body in the video is edited, as the pole in the background warps around her body. The TikTok user, Sophie, reminds people that video editing has become extremely “sophisticated” and that you have to pay close attention to these videos in order to note the editing or photoshopping. Anyone glancing at the video might not notice it and begin to despair about their own body, wondering how a popular influencer can look a certain way and they cannot. She explains “Seeing is not always believing and you never know who might be using this” in reference to the editing techniques showcased in the videos. Many people backed up Sophie in the comments, noticing how the proportions of the woman’s body were completely unrealistic and how editors will sometimes elongate their bodies to make them skinnier and taller.

This is not the only time Sophie has called out popular influencers for editing their bodies, especially in a video. Sophie has also posted a video of Kim Kardashian having a subtle filter on, most likely hoping nobody would notice. Sophie posts these videos in hopes of raising awareness to video editing, as it is less known than editing photos on Instagram.


what purpose does the filter have? #bodyimage #beautystandard #retouching #rue21BeYouChallenge #kimk #celebritea

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She explains that the Kardashians often hide the fact they are using filters and explains how this promotes unrealistic body types. She reminds her followers that social media is not real and “Not even the Kardashians look like the Kardashians.” Some people did not agree with Sophie, noting that it is just a filter and that it wasn’t a big deal.


However, many people agreed with Sophie, commenting that it can be destructive to other people’s mental health. Sophie also commented that these videos are usually edited when they are trying to sell you something. In this case, both influencers were trying to promote clothes. Sophie brings up the point that it is not okay to promote the idea that these clothes will make you look a certain way. She asks why the filter is necessary, and why it would be necessary to hide the fact that one is using a filter or editing. Though Sophie’s comment sections will sometimes be controversial, she continues to post videos exposing how tricky these edits can be.

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