TikToker “Mama Tot” Opens Up About Her Son Who Was Killed at 18 Years Old

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Image: @shoelover99 | TikTok

In a heartbreaking video from the creator Ophelia Nichols, known as Mama Tot on TikTok, she explains her 18-year-old son was shot and passed away. Nichols gained almost 190 million likes in total and over 7 million followers for the comforting and touching advice she gives to young adults on the app. On June 25th, however, she told a heartbreaking story that went viral with over 25 million views and thousands of comments pouring in love. She explains they are looking for who killed her son and asked people to come forward if anyone had any information.


Many people poured love into her comments and she raised almost $300,000 on GoFundMe so far. In a recent video, she updates her followers and says that the detectives believe her son was selling marijuana and the son was most likely robbed and fatally shot. Nichols said she had no idea of this and asks people to not “think badly of my son for the circumstances of how he was taken. We are not ashamed of him, and never will be. When I was 18, I made poor choices myself.”


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In Alabama, where the crime took place, marijuana is illegal and known as a controlled substance. Nichols explains that her son had been grappling with the death of his father in the last year but she believed he had been doing better. Many in the comments were just as supportive, letting her know that judgment was not and would not ever be warranted or appropriate.

“Honey, do not let the reasons begin to cloud your mind with sad thoughts of him. what matters is how much you loved him, and that he knew that,” one person commented. Many others commented that her son is not the first to sell drugs and does not justify the killing: “Sweet mama. No matter the reason, your boy didn’t deserve to lose his life. Praying for justice and sending you so much love.”


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