TikToker Reveals He Received Second-Degree Burns From Chemical Peel, but Esthetician Says He Was Warned

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Image: @neyoprettyboyrealness | TikTok

In a recent TikTok circulating the app, creator @neyoprettyboyrealness, or Neyo, reveals that an esthetician refused to refund him his money back, a steep $150, even after he received a second-degree burn after getting a chemical peel. In the video, you can see the extensiveness of the burn on his face as he sits in an emergency room. Now, the esthetician is speaking up and saying that he was warned about the dangers of possible consequences and how to best take care of his skin following the peel.


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Comments were turned off of the creator’s video where he received over 2 million views and almost 300 hundred thousand likes. In his comments on Instagram, where Neyo posted a similar video describing his situation, many of the comments seemed to be divided. Some wished him well and hoped for a full recovery, but others seemed suspicious. In another video, Neyo noted that he struggled with skin issues the majority of his life, especially after surviving a fire and having to have skin grafts in order to heal his injuries then. Some wondered if the previous skin grafts had anything to do with the way his skin reacted.


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The esthetician, who is @Diamond_facez on Instagram, responded to the claims Neyo made in an Instagram video. There, she explained that she does not perform chemical peels on new clients and it is never the first service she performs for her clients. She also says she tries her best to prepare her clients the best she can for taking care of the peel afterward, as you have to be incredibly careful with your skin and the recovery can take a few weeks of cracking and peeling. Most importantly, you are not supposed to pick your skin as that can lead to damage, which is what Neyo is currently dealing with. Another esthetician also weighed in, noting that the pinkness of the skin indicates that the damage was caused by picking and not anything caused by her doing.


Other people also wondered why Neyo was not given a refund, since he was not satisfied or happy with the results. And though this might have resolved the issue, many believe it could be interpreted as admitting to a fault and could later be used in a lawsuit. And, since this is the esthetician’s livelihood, she might have not wanted to refund the money as she might have been concerned about how it would like for her brand and business. Overall, Neyo’s skin looks like it is healing a little better in recent videos, and many wish him a speedy recovery, along with jotting down to not get a chemical peel if you are tempted to pick the skin off easily.


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