TikToker Says Target Let Her Steal 3,000 Dollars of Merchandise Before Confronting Her

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In a recent viral video, a TikTok user, who goes by Ashley, reveals that she stole 3,000 dollars worth of merchandise before they confronted her so that they could send her to jail. This video, which accumulated over 480 thousand likes and 9,000 comments, with very mixed views within the comments.


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How TikTok responded 

As expected, the comments were completely divided in response to the video. Some joked that they need to call and get their current balance, so they know when to stop stealing. Others joked that the limit from stealing from Target is “2,999.” However, some were genuinely concerned with the culture of shoplifting.

Image: ashleyherrnandezz| Tiktok

Some were concerned with the idea of being angry you were caught doing something illegal or joking about it. One person notes “So apparently I am only the one who doesn’t steal.” Another user comments “Only this generation will legitimately defend this. Yall need morals AND therapy.” Though many comments were trying to discuss morals with Ashley, she did not seem to interact with any of the comments.


She only responded to one comment, where the commenter said that she should sell her necklace if she needed things so badly or get a job at Target. She responded to this comment humorously, showing that it was a cheap friendship necklace, and in the caption notes “sure I’l sell my magnetic BFF necklace for a couple of grand.” Overall, Ashley did not seem too concerned with the comments, but this is not the first person to note this about Target.


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Other Target employees have confirmed that when you steal from Target, they are aware and keep a file on you until the total you stole becomes enough for serious charges. One Target employee confirms this and says stealing from Target is “one of the worst mistakes you can make.”

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