Todd and Julie Chrisley Found Guilty of Federal Tax Evasion

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Todd and Julie Chrisley, former Georgia residents known for their reality TV show “Chrisley Knows Best” were found guilty of all charges of tax evasion. Although sentencing has yet to come, the two could spend up to 30 years in prison. The Chrisleys went to trial three weeks ago after being indicted in 2019 for inflating their net worth to obtain loans, often choosing smaller banks that use less due diligence than other banks in hopes of not being caught. Now, the Chrisleys released a statement saying that they would be appealing the verdict, claiming they were “disappointed.”

The prosecuting attorney Annalise Peters alleges they hid millions they earned from the show along with 500,000 dollars worth in taxes to Texas, claiming that they had successfully evaded taxes all the way from 2009. “Chrisley Knows Best” was a comedic show that many enjoyed, with NBC renewing it for a 10th season, as they announced just last month. The spinoff show, “Growing Up Chrisley” which follows the two adult children of the couple, Savannah and Chase was also renewed for a fourth season. The network has not yet commented on its plans for filming in light of the recent verdict.

Not only did alleged tax evasion attempts come to light, but Chrisley’s ex-business partner Mark Braddock also testified they spent $38,000 to prevent a blackmailer to reveal that the two were having an affair. Although Chrisley denies any affairs, along with denying any rumors he is gay, one of the main topics on the show pokes fun at Todd, who is effeminate. When Braddock testified that the two had an affair in the 2000s, not many were shocked. Braddock was also the person who ended up turning them into the FBI.

Since the current season of their show has already been filmed, none of the trials was filmed and it is unclear when filming will begin once again. Online, many had quite to say about the family, with one person noting “Exposing Todd Chrisley for having a gay affair is like exposing the government for corruption.”


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