Fans React To Videos Of Trisha Paytas’ Everything But Ordinary Wedding

I mean... what did you expect?
By Rayiah Ross
Photo: @Trishapaytasbackup on Instagram

This past Sunday, influencer and queen of controversy Trisha Paytas married partner Moses Hacmon, an event that was celebrated by the influencer’s fans.

For the wedding ceremony, Trisha wore a strapless black floor-length gown that featured a plunging neckline and cut-outs at the side of their waist. Paytas quickly changed for the reception, where they wore a white mini dress with a petticoat skirt and black train.

While dress stunning and quite different than your usual wedding dress, when videos of the wedding made their way online, mane fans couldn’t get over several unusual details of the wedding and reception that were shared by the couple and attendees.

Videos posted to TikTok of footage shot by guests showed Trisha and Moses performing a duet of What Dreams Are Made Of, a Hilary Duff song from The Lizzie Maguire Movie.

This video made many people point out on Twitter that the large wedding venue seemed bizarrely empty. Many compared it to a high school winter formal and bashed their venue online.

A lot of the other criticism of her wedding came from the fact that the wedding took place on the birthday of their long feud rival and now sister-in-law, Hila Klein which Paytas has a bad history. After quitting Frenemies, the podcast with Paytas and Ethan Klein –Hila Klein’s husband– Paytas didn’t take the criticism lying down and hit back at Klein in a long string of tweets. In one of those tweets, they tagged Hila Klein, telling her not to raise the child they were expecting “to be as ignorant as your husband.”

Personal drama aside, Paytas did manage to make a wedding night that was completely unforgettable. Paytas started the night off with a grand entrance and included their undying love for My Chemical Romance in their entrance.


I walked down the aisle to ‘the black parade’ because i knew it’d be my happiest moment I want to remember when I die 🖤 #emowedding #mcr #weddingmarch

♬ original sound – trishapaytas

And even when the night ended for the attendees, the party didn’t stop for Paytas and Hacmon. In the most Trisha Paytas fashion, they ended their wedding night with a wedding night mukbang video as opposed to doing what every other married couple does as soon as they kick their shoes off.

So yes, Paytas might be a problematic favorite and has some deeply questionable things that need to be sorted out, but they’re entertaining nonetheless. At the very least, you can count on them to make content out of anything… especially their wedding day.