Twitch CEO Dan Clancy Says Rival Platform Made ‘Complete Mistake’ Poaching Top Creators

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In a recent interview with Twitch CEO Dan Clancy, the chief executive criticized rival platform Kick for what he described as a misguided strategy of prioritizing high-profile streamer signings over sustainable long-term growth. Clancy’s remarks were made during a livestream conversation with NateGentile7 on June 13, where he voiced concerns about Kick’s approach.

“I think it is a complete mistake to say, ‘The live stream market is fixed, I’m just going to take what the other guy has,'” Clancy asserted, referring to Kick’s tactic of luring popular streamers with substantial financial incentives, such as those given to figures like Amouranth and xQc.

While these signings initially generated considerable buzz for Kick, Clancy questioned the broader strategy behind them. He pointed out that rather than focusing solely on attracting the top 1% of streamers, Kick should implement measures to retain them after their contracts expire, citing previous struggles faced by platforms like Mixer and YouTube in retaining exclusive talent.

“As soon as [Kick] stops paying them, they’re going to come right back,” Clancy noted, drawing parallels to past industry trends. “That happened with Mixer, that happened with YouTube. They were paid, and then they came right back.”

Interestingly, many of the streamers who initially signed with Kick did so because they felt Twitch had not adequately met their career needs. However, Clancy suggested that recent improvements and investments by Twitch may be drawing these creators back to the platform. These enhancements include new creator products, significant music label partnerships, and expansive platform events.

Despite Kick’s early success in attracting high-profile names, Clancy emphasized that Twitch’s focus remains on broader, sustainable growth across its creator base. He highlighted Twitch’s ongoing efforts to enhance its Creator Incentive Program, which aims to support a diverse array of creators beyond just the biggest stars.

For Twitch, the strategy appears to be centered on nurturing a more comprehensive ecosystem rather than relying solely on marquee signings. Clancy’s comments underscored a belief that sustained platform improvements and community engagement efforts are pivotal in retaining and attracting creators over the long term.


For a deeper look into Twitch’s future plans, Clancy published a roadmap at the beginning of 2024 outlining further innovations and strategies aimed at bolstering its position in the competitive livestreaming market. This comprehensive approach reflects Twitch’s commitment to evolving beyond short-term tactics and focusing on sustainable growth in the years ahead.

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