Twitter Celebrates Dakota Johnson and Andrew Garfield in New Vanity Fair Video

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In a recent video from Vanity Fair on Youtube, beloved stars Andrew Garfield and Dakota Johnson sit down to reunite for the first time in 11 years. Since the internet is such a fan of both of these actors, it began to trend on Twitter as people watch the two reconnect and discuss what they did in the past decade, which was exciting not only for viewers but also for Johnson and Garfield. 11 years ago, Andrew Garfield and Dakota Johnson worked together and Jessie Eisenberg in “The Social Network” that tells the story of the creators of Facebook. \

In the video, they talk about how they met, although they did not have any scenes together in “The Social Network” Johnson notes that she felt welcomed by Garfield, which he seemed to not remember. They also had funny moments that many reposted to Twitter, like how Johnson would be intoxicated at parties, remove her fake hair, and place them into man’s jacket pockets.

Many also noted that “The Social Network” was Johnson’s first film, and that later when Garfield saw Johnson at a party, he noted that she was “lovely and energetic, and excited to connect.” Viewers felt it was touching that although Johnson was a newer actress, he still noted things about her and remembered, even though Johnson did not remember the particular moment.

The two also discussed their latest projects, with Andrew Garfield’s latest success with “Tick..Tick..Boom!” and Johnson’s “The Lost Daughter.” They noted the differences in their latest project and what it was like to work with popular stars like Maggie Gyllenhal and Lin Manuel Miranda, along with very hilarious moments peppered throughout the interview.


Overall, many on Twitter were thrilled to see the pair reunite and wished the video could have been longer, as it felt like a genuine conversation between two old friends, along with getting background information into both of their recent films.

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