Twitter is Bringing Back the 2017 Documentary “Abducted in Plain Sight.”

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Image: Netflix

Right now on Twitter, people are discussing a documentary that details the story of Jan Borgman, a teenager from Idaho who was kidnapped by her neighbor, Robert Berchtold. She ended up being kidnapped twice, as he convinced her parents to drop kidnapping charges against him and let him continue to visit her when she was kidnapped once again. The documentary, which debuted in 2017 and came to Netflix in 2019, devastated viewers and gained a lot of attention online. But now, people are discussing the documentary again in 2022. On Twitter, someone brought up the documentary so many people tried so hard to forget, making it trend online once again.

The true-crime community entrances a large audience, and usually, the more horrible the stories are, the more attention they garner. People cannot help but watch, even if it brings a lot of negative emotions to them. But, these emotions are usually what create such a big audience. This is probably why the documentary gained new attention, although it is not new. Many immediately recognized the documentary the original Tweeter was referencing to.  Many on Twitter used similar language in describing it, saying that it was “crazy” or “wild.”

The only documentary that could compare according to Twitter was Tiger King, which overtook many Netflix watchers during the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. Many compared this documentary to that one, probably referencing the crazy story that is hard to believe is true.


Although the film was released a few years ago, it seems that those who might have missed it are going back to watch it after it began to trend on Twitter, as people requested the name of the documentary from the tweet. Many, however, gave the warning to watch at your own risk as the content is incredibly disturbing.

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