Twitter is Debating if Jack Harlow or Lil Dicky is the Better Rapper

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Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Deadline Hollywood and Cindy Ord/Getty Images

American rapper Jack Harlow is trending on Twitter after being compared to another white rapper that looks very similar to him, Lil Dicky. Harlow became popular after releasing his debut album in 2020, called “What They All Say” and his increasingly popular song with Lil Nas X called “Industry Baby.” Lil Dicky, is known for his comedic songs, like “Freaky Friday” which features Chris Brown. But, since the rappers are so similar, people are comparing the two and debating which one is better.

It all started with a tweet that went viral, gathering 230 thousand likes in just a day, that indicated Jack Harlow is getting as popular as Lil Dicky thought he would be. Some definitely agreed with this, as one person called Lil Dicky’s song “Earth” the “worst song of all time.”

But, other people did not agree. Some felt bad for Lil Dicky, saying that “I feel bad for Lil Dicky, the guy can actually rap, he just made some bad moves with his image being too meme’y. People just couldn’t take him seriously as a rapper because of it.” Others said that he chose to not continue as a rapper, it was not because his career was failing, but he wanted to pursue acting instead.

Others also debated who could rap the best, as people claimed that Lil Dicky could do anything Harlow could do, and vice versa. “This is just not true lol. Lil Dicky’s brand is built around a cult following. Mainstream superstardom just isn’t feasible. He released a music video in 2013 (he was unsigned) & got 1 million views in 24 hours. Since then he has released 1 album in 10 years. He’s not even trying.”


Some also argued that Jack Harlow is still young, as he is only 23, and still has the opportunity to continue to grow as a musician. Either way, it seemed like people could not see eye to eye on who was the better rapper.

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