Twitter is Not Pleased With This Recent Article Calling Vice President Harris “Kamala”

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Image: Los Angeles Times / Kent Nishimura / Contributor - Getty Images

In a recent article discussing Vice President Harris, the author calls Harris by only her first name in the title, sparking a lot of debate on respect from Twitter users. The article details the vice president’s recent diagnosis with COVID-19 and the new COVID-19 antiviral pill. The article has three different authors credited, but was tweeted by Lauren Gardner, who said that the article details why Harris chose to take the new pill by Pfizer, called “Paxlovid.” The article explains that this pill is prescribed for those who are “at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19.”

The article explains that VP Harris took the pill, which surprised some health officials since they previously stated that she was asymptotic. But, many were concerned that the article casually refers to the vice president as just “Kamala” as many thought this was too casual of a way to refer to a public official in an article, especially the vice president. Immediately, the article took off on Twitter, as people criticized this and believed it to be disrespectful and inappropriate.

Others criticized the article for the lack of a story that it presents. Many pointed out that the fact that the pill is not widely accessible to citizens is an issue and something that should be looked into, but the fact that the vice president had access to it is not an actual story. “But why Kamala got it—that’s not a story. She’s in the national command authority of the United States. Duh. We also don’t ask why she gets secret service protection or top-secret clearance. Duh,” one person commented on Twitter.


Overall, many saw an issue with the journalists referring to VP Harris in such a casual way, especially since many pointed out that this was not an issue with President Biden, as there are not many journalists simply referring to him as “Joe.”

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