Twitter Reacts to Governor Cuomo’s Allegations Against Him Being Proved

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New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was recently investigated by the state of New York for sexually harassing multiple women, where it was found that he did sexually harass those women. Now, old tweets are coming to air that Cuomo was most likely hoping would stay buried.

On Tuesday, it was announced by Attorney General Letitia James that the investigation showed that Cuomo had engaged in “unwelcome and non consensual touching.” It was also concluded that Cuomo had created an unsafe environment for women, including sexual marks made towards female colleagues. Once this was announced, multiple old tweets of Cuomo’s began to air. One of these tweets was Cuomo explaining how sexual harassment should absolutely not be allowed, explaining “There should be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment.”

Though the situation is heavy, many Twitter users were quick to use memes to respond to Cuomo’s tweets, in hopes of both bringing the situation to light but also lightening the tone as well. However, the message is clear from most Twitter users: Cuomo should resign.

During the investigation, investigators reviewed more than 74,000 pieces of evidence and collaborated with over 150 different individuals. When the finders were announced on Tuesday, Cuomo’s response was also very strange to many Twitter users. In a video response, he claims “I do this with everyone.”


This video did not have quite the response Cuomo was probably hoping for, as many brought up that the fact that he is invasive and inappropriate does not make anything better; it actually makes things worse. Many were quick to make this into a joke as well to point out the absurdity of the statement Cuomo was making.

Conservatives have also jumped onto the conversation. Since Cuomo is Democratic, some are sensing that democrats are being more lenient with Cuomo then they have been with Conservatives. However, President Biden did say yes when asked if he believes Cuomo should resign. This brings up another issue as well, as Biden also had past allegations. Many think that this is hypocritical, and made memes on Twitter about this as well.


Though the internet is quick to make things lighter and funnier with memes about the ridiculousness at hand, it is important to realize the seriousness of the situation. Sexual harassment of any kind, but especially from the hands of leaders who are supposed to be protecting us and the ones we trust, is a serious issue. Though joking helps with coping with the seriousness, it is important to remember the topic and that there are victims of the situation who may see the jokes as jokes on their behalf.

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